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3 Major Types of Hair Closure for Your Hair Bundles

3 Major Types of Hair Closure for Your Hair Bundles

Many ladies today have resorted to the use of a frontal wig. This is not just because they want to look beautiful but also because hair extensions protect the natural hair from damages. They also use wigs with hair closure.

A wig with hair closure is something every lady should have somewhere in her closet. Even if you do not fancy the use of wigs, you should have at least one handy because one day you will be in need to get to somewhere real fast with a new look. During such times, only a wig can save your day.

To give a wig a natural and realistic look, you will need a suitable hair closure. Hair closures are basically the finishing of a human hair wig. They can be described as strands of hair attached to the top of a silk or lace material and used in the production of wigs. Closures are either taped, sewn, or even glued down.

The most important thing to note here is that whichever method of attachment is used, a closure gives the wig a natural and original look.

Different Types of Hair Closure

Hair closure comes in different sizes and designs. The major types of hair closure include;

1. Lace Closure

Simply put, lace closure is a light lace with strands of hair. It often has an off circular shape. Generally, hair closure measures 4 × 4, meaning that it is 4 inches across and 4 inches to the back.

Lace closures come in three different partings and they include;

  • One-part closure, also referred to as the middle part closure and can be parted only in one direction, in the center, or on either side.
  • Three-part closure that can be parted in three ways, left, right, or middle.
  • Free part closure that can be parted in any direction you desire.

2. Lace Frontals

A lace frontal is similar to the lace closure described above but it is a lot wider than a closure, often measuring about 13 inches across and 4 inches to the back.

They come in handy if you need to conceal your natural hairline from ear to ear. A lace frontal offers the wearer a lot of options to explore with. You can style it backward, sideways, or you can even roll it into a bun above your head.

Like the lace closure, a lace frontal can be parted in various ways; side, middle, or the three-part style.

3. Silk Base Closure

This type of Closure is made with silk instead of lace. And this is the major distinction between a silk base closure and every other type of closure.

While some silk base hair closures are reinforced with lace, others are not.

One advantage of a silk closure over a lace closure is that it tends to last longer. The disadvantage however is that no matter how much you try, they do not relax as much as a lace closure does.


Having seen the different types of hair closure available in the market, you realize that the hair extension industry exposes women to a whole lot of possibilities. These unlimited possibilities remain the beauty of human hair wigs.


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