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6 Tips for Shopping for a Ring Light

6 Tips for Shopping for a Ring Light

Have you ever questioned why your photos or videos look dark and dull while others are well lit, their quality is high, and they look beautiful? The answer to this is simple. Most photographers and content creators use ring lights like those found on https://www.addbeautiful.com/product/addbeautiful-live-ring-light/ to produce bright white and balanced light that allows them to create good pictures. In this write-up, we look at the tips for shopping for a ring light. 

Tips for Shopping for a Ring Light

Several ring light types have flooded the market in different sizes and shapes. Trying to buy one for your needs can be difficult, especially if you have little or no knowledge about gadgets. A few ways to help you go straight into the shopping mode include;

1. Use of the Device

Determine how you want to use the ring light first before settling for one. Your need will also direct you on what sized ring light to get. If your sole purpose is to take selfies, then a phone selfie ring light is ideal. It is smaller in size and is attached to the phone easily. If you need to take videos like makeup tutorials or indulge in photography, then the standard ring light is the best. It is larger and fits a phone or camera in the middle for filming.

2. Know your Budget

The price of ring lights vary and having a particular amount that you wish to spend narrows down your choices. Typically, they are usually affordable, but you can opt for a DIY ring light if the price is still too high. Gather all the right materials required and construct the gadget. However, doing this can be tricky since it may be difficult to ensure the light produced is even and consistent.

3. Will you Practise Flat Lay Photography?

Flat lay photography involves shooting images directly above an object or subject. It is popular in food and fashion photography. The ring has to cast towards the follow to achieve this. It needs a gooseneck to allow it to flex often as needed. Consider all safety measures during the process.

4. Power of the Ring Light

Higher lumens and color rendering index (CRI) contribute to better light output and representation of color for the subject or object. The colors of the objects are displayed just as they are, and this accuracy is ideal for a makeup artist or hair colorist. Reduce or control the brightness of the light given off using a dimmer knob.

5. Check the Color Temperature

Ring lights are quite versatile and can change the color temperature to produce different effects. The best color temperature for use in photography is warm. Make sure the ring light possesses that element or can be adjusted when necessary.

6. Warranty

Ask for a warranty after buying the light ring, go through it and understand the terms included. They vary from shop to shop; hence it’s important to double-check and know how long it will benefit you.


The above tips help reduce confusion during buying ring lights. These are but a few to get you started, but the seller or shop owner can assist you in shopping for the best piece that suits you and fits your needs. Ring lights are virtual devices that, when appropriately chosen, can serve you and last for long periods.


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