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All You Need To Know About a Garden Hose

All You Need To Know About a Garden Hose

A garden hose is one of the most important garden tools. It is used in the garden to transport water from the storage tank to the plant beds. While one end of the hose is attached to a water supply, the other end houses the sprinkler or the sprayers.

This sprinkler is used to concentrate the flow of water on a particular spot or to spread it over a wide area in the garden.

Description of a Garden Hose

In most cases, garden hoses are manufactured using soft plastic or synthetic rubber. To make them stronger, an internal web of fibers is usually added.

The combination of these materials makes them malleable. Although the exterior of a garden hose is smooth, it is usually strong enough to withstand rock scraping and unfavorable weather conditions.

Garden hoses are designed in such a way that a couple of hoses can be connected to make a longer hose. To do this, the male end of one garden hose is joined to the female end of another garden hose.

The purpose of this connection is to make it easier for the gardener to reach a larger area in the garden. To avoid leakage of water in the hose, a smaller rubber sometimes called hose washers is attached to the female end.

Garden hoses are not suitable for spraying hot water so you shouldn’t use them for hot water. High temperature can cause serious damage especially when the pipe is pressurized.

Uses of a Garden Hose

Basically, garden hoses are used to move water from the storage tank to the garden. It is also used for lawn care and various other agricultural purposes.

Sometimes they are used for cleaning farm equipment, vehicles, animals, and the exterior part of a building. It has also been used to channel drinking water to recreational vans and RVs.

When a garden hose is channeled to a source of drinking water, the tap must be properly fitted with a device to prevent backflow. Without this device, contaminated water can siphon back in an event of lowered pressure.

Other Special Types of Garden Hoses

· Perforated or Porous Soaker Hoses

This special type of Garden hose is perforated all through the length of its body. They are used to smoothly sprinkle water on a garden or a lawn.

This tool is normally built with an already perforated material like sintered rubber particles. In some cases, they are built with non-porous materials after which little holes are drilled in them.

Advantages of this type of hose include simplicity, low cost, and they are most appropriate for a drip irrigation system.

· Expandable Hoses

Expandable hoses can extend when water flows through them. It is very similar to what is obtainable in a balloon. An outer covering guards the inner expandable membrane so that it does not rupture.

The advantage of this type of hose is that it makes storage easier. The hose extends when pressure is high and deflates when pressure is low.


Although the use of a garden hose is advantageous, it still has its limitations. Using hose for garden and general household operations can generate harmful aerosols that can easily be inhaled.

When water remains stagnant in a garden hose for a prolonged period, it can cause the growth of harmful microorganisms. Hence, precautionary measures should be taken when making use of them.


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