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Demystifying Myths about Bidet Sprayers

Demystifying Myths about Bidet Sprayers

There are multiple misconceptions about bidet sprayers. In the US, for example, the device can be viewed in a pretty much negative light. But, that is just an attitude that can be attributed to the lack of knowledge. Bidets seem like intriguing, silly foreign devices that can often show up in hotel rooms in Europe and Japan, among others. Yet, it is also something that can easily fit into a home and isn’t just for the modern treehuggers. Perhaps it is time for Americans to learn how the system can improve their bathroom experience. Below are the common misconceptions that have left folks confused about the origin and use of a bidet. Well, with the knowledge, you can go deal now!

Bidets are expensive

There is a common misconception that bidet sprayers are expensive, and toilet papers are more economical and affordable.

While there are several toilet paper options available, one roll may cost $3, and the Americans use up to 40,000,000 rolls per day.

This implies that the people spend up to $120,000,000 every day, on toilet paper. Buying a bidet seat together with the sprayer can cut the toilet paper spending by up to 80 percent.

Besides, toilet paper and different brands of flushable wipes are detrimental to the sewer systems since they clog the pipes while filling septic systems, thereby, causing messy issues that can cost a significant amount to fix.

Bidets are messy

Regardless of what the pop culture comedies can make you believe, most bidets are not propelled by water guns. Modern bidets seats will allow you to adjust the position as well as pressure to provide you with a comfortable seat experience.

There is definitely no need to be afraid of the cold splash, as many brands offer viable water temperature settings. Besides, the warm air dryer icon found on the luxury toilet seat can also dry the washed area immediately after use.

Since the bidet seats attach to your toilet, the mess will stay in the bowl.

Bidets are weird

This is probably the number one reason why most people do not like bidets. Yup that they are weird! Many people in the US and other parts of the world are still stigmatizing the use of bidets by writing them off as weird.

Although the idea of a bidet can be scary at first, most people realize that they have been missing out on a lot. Bidets are not weird. On the contrary, these devices are convenient and effective.

Water is wasted

Every time you flush the toilet, water is wasted (about 1.8 gallons for every flush). A bidet seat uses just about half a gallon of water daily. This pales in comparison to the total amount of water used after every shower.

One more fun fact is that manufacturing toilet paper entails using large volumes of water. Here, up to 400 billion gallons of water can be used annually.

A bidet helps you to save water.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide is a myth-busting experience for you, and it has opened a new way of looking at bidets. While it may feel like a new concept, any fear should dissipate because bidets are currently widely being used across the world.


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