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How To Choose Dining Room Lighting

How To Choose Dining Room Lighting

Once a cake is out of the oven, you still need to put the icing on it, right? That’s basically the same thing as adding light fixtures to a room. Yiosi Lighting fixtures add that special touch that alters a room’s atmosphere and style. All this is determined by the amount of illumination that the fixtures give. Lighting is very crucial in the dining areas as it provides you with enough light as you eat and also determines the mood of the room.

Tips to help you choose the perfect light fixture for your dining room

Light fixtures play a very important role in the overall aesthetics of the house. We have put together a few tips to help you choose the right height, type, and size of light fixture:

  • Invest

Start by finding a lighting fixture that you really love and invest in it. It should be something that you feel will steal your heart for years to comes. Thinking about the future seems like a wise decision as compared to rushing to buy something that is “trending.”

If you get something that will soon bore you, you will need to have it removed and buy a replacement. The installation will also require a specialized electrician which will ultimately be very costly for you.

  • Pick a table-centered location

When choosing the location where the fixture will be installed, ensure that it’s installed in a central place over the dining area although it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the middle of the room.


A fixture that hangs over the dining table creates focal points that are very important in the overall room’s décor. Make sure that the dining table is in place before the chandelier is installed.

  • Consider proportions

You should consider the length and size of the fixture. It’s recommended that the proportions of the light fixture be approximately a third of the table’s width.

Again, if the table is rectangular or oval, then you should buy an elongated chandelier. Alternatively, you could also have smaller pendant fixtures that are arranged in a row.

  • Choose the right length

Ideally, you should choose a length that feels right. The fixture shouldn’t be too high that it does not shine it’s light on the table as needed or too low that it blocks your vies from across the dining room.

The recommended length should be about 35 inches from the tabletop.

  • The lighting shouldn’t be too dark or too bright

As we mentioned earlier, lighting plays a huge role in the room’s ambiance. Ensure that the fixture isn’t too bright that it’s blinding or too dim that you are not able to see what you are eating.

If you can find a dimmable chandelier whose light intensity can be controlled, the better.

  • Consider additional lighting

In addition to the central fixture on top of the table, you will also need other lights for extra lighting. For example, you could get wall sconces to light up the dark corners.


There really isn’t a particular style of fixtures that is fit for your dining room. The options are endless and it’s up to you to make a decision based on your preferences. Find one that acts as the focal point in the room and creates that “wow” factor. The fixture you choose should be dependent on the shape of the table, the size of the room and the vibe you want to create.


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