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Event Gift Bag Ideas and Choosing The Best For Your Business

Event Gift Bag Ideas and Choosing The Best For Your Business

As a business owner, one of the best ways to advertise your business is by using gift bags. After your customer gets goods or services, you can present a gift bag as a way of showing gratitude. This event gift bag ideas could contain the products purchased by the customer or a thank-you gift from the company. It does not matter whether you use custom cardboard gift bags or fabric gift bags; it is a matter of quality and preference. That is why gift bags come in different unique ideas to pick from. The focus is to make sure the bag you choose will improve the way people view your business.

There are a lot of event gift bag ideas that are meant to sweep people off their feet. Contrary to general opinion, not all gift bags are pricey. There are cheap gift bags that are creatively made to have the same engaging influence when presented. You can make these bags yourself or order from a reliable company.

There are many reasons fabric gift bags are beneficial for business owners. Some of these reasons are:

Benefits of Event Gift Bag Ideas

  • Gift bags come in different shapes that can accommodate different gift sizes

Gift bags come in different shapes and sizes that make it easier to hide the real form of your gift, especially the ones with awkward shapes. Most times, customers may want to keep whatever they buy private, and a gift bag accords this privacy.

  • They are durable and recyclable

One of the best things about gift bags is that you can use them for different uses. Gift bags are often made of light, durable, water-resistance, and non-toxic materials to ensure they are safe, convenient, and customizable. It is possible to use the gift bags you were presented with to package another gift for another person. You can also use them to store things. This helps in reducing trash and conserving resources. Your business has a lot to gain when a gift bag carrying our business logo is seen with someone or passed on from one person to another.

  • Effortless storage

Fabric gift bags can fold flat for secure storage, unlike wrapper papers which can get torn while taking the tapes off. It is easier to fold your gift bags and set them aside for future use. When picked up for later consumption, someone may remember your business and continue to patronize you.

  • They come in different styles

Ever been in a situation where you want to present more than one gift, and you do not know where to begin your wrapping from? Gift bags can come in very handy. You can save yourself the trouble of wrapping different gifts in matching styles when you have beautifully and creatively styled gift bags.


Event Gift Bag Ideas

After establishing the invaluable importance of gift bags to your business, the next step is to think of creative event gift bag ideas. Here are a few ideas for your gift bag that will draw more attention to your business.

Drawstring Gift Bags

One of the best ways to use drawstring bags in attracting customers is at trade shows. These bags often stand out as one of the best ways to beat the competition at a concert. If beautifully designed and uniquely styled, these bags can attract a lot of attention.

Anyone who sees it will want to get one, thereby increasing your sales and creating more awareness about your business. You can even include some gift items to this very functional bag. This particular gift bag idea can be customized using your business themes and logo, with other catchy words designed on it.

sport bags

Cotton Tote Bags

Generally, cotton is a sustainable product that has stood the test of time. If you want to make event gift bags that are classy and attractive, cotton is the best option. Although this kind of gift bag is quite expensive, it lasts longer and can be very versatile.

This gift bag can also be made into different styles to match individual needs and impress your audience. Cotton bags can be styled into mariner handbags, shopping totes, drawstring backpacks, computer bags, etc. Customers love the versatility and universality of this bag, which makes it worth its production price

Cotton tote bags can be used to promote your business by printing your business logo and details on it. You could also promote your services by placing some essentials in the bag to thank customers or guests for patronizing you.

Event Gift Bag

Reusable Bags

Another gift bag idea for your business is to give out reusable non-woven bags. You could also make provision for people to replace their plastic bags with your personalized non-woven bag for free. For instance, you could advertise that customers should bring a particular number of plastic bags to get one of your more durable and reusable bags for free. You could collect 10 plastic bags and give out 1 of your reusable bags for free.

Advertising your company as one that promotes recycling can bring in a lot of customers who are in support of recycling. You can also use the sensitization on environmental protection to sell your customized bags. By saving the environment, you will be growing your business and making it more popular.

Event Gift Bag

Factors to Deliberate When Considering Event Gift Bag Ideas

When creating a gift bag, it is important that you make sure it promotes your business. Hence, it is essential to put the following factors into consideration:

Quality of Materials

There are different materials to use for your event gift bags. It is essential to use excellent quality materials to create the bag irrespective of the material you choose. Even if you are using the general cardboard, ensure your customer will appreciate its quality.

Fabric gift bags can be a bit expensive but will be well worth it. The longer your bag lasts, the higher your brand’s chances are of being advertised. If it is sturdy enough to be used in packaging another gift to a friend, more people will become aware of your business.


When planning for your event gift bag, give it a theme. The theme should match the event at which you are presenting the gift bag. You could also use a theme that will have the colors of your business logo.

Nevertheless, some businesses like to give out gift bags in different colors but the same general theme. This will add more class and attractiveness to your gift bag.


Gift bags come in different sizes to meet different needs. It is important to have an idea of how small or big your gift bag should be. Most of the time, the size of the gift bag depends on what you intend to place inside as gift items.

Small gift bags like Zigpac’s custom handle brown shopping bag is cute for gift items like candies, branded pens, and branded sticky notes.

Event Gift Bag


Gift bags do not have to be too lavish to impress your guests. You can work within your budget to create bags that will play their part in promoting your business. There are some cheap gift bags like popcorn food packaging bag that is still reusable. If, however, you can afford to be lavish, try to do so with customer satisfaction in mind.

Be fun and unique

Your event gift bag should look interesting to create a subtle but lasting impression in the mind of your guests. Pay attention to the design and contents of your gift bag and ensure that everything is attractively branded.

The contents of the gift bags should depend on the event. For instance, for your hotel business anniversary, you could use branded towels, branded shirts, branded pens, and branded jotters. It is important to use things that will be used continually so that they will serve as constant reminders of the event.

Another important thing to put into consideration is to ensure the gift bag is beautiful, uniquely styled, and reusable. Going with a general trend will not draw as much attention to your gift bag as doing something exceptional. This is where creativity comes into play.

Be well prepared

It takes time to put together a good event, and detail like a gift bag should not be left out of your plans. Plan for the type of gift bag you want, theme, material, contents, design, size, and how you want it done. If you are not making it yourself, you will need to arrange for shipment early enough with accurate details concerning how you want your bag customized. It will be helpful to make sure your bags are ready for about a week before your event is to take place.

This will speak well of your business sense and make your audience aware that you are someone who pays attention to details. More so, being well prepared will help you focus on other last-minute details for your event.

Be practical

When gifting your guests with an event gift bag, it is essential to be reasonable and practical. Some of your guests may not come with vehicles or with the intention of carrying something heavy. Therefore, presenting such guests with very big gift bags may become burdensome. There are very small convenient options like the kraft paper gift bag which is beautiful and easy to carry around.

Another aspect of being practical is knowing what kind of gift will best suit your business. As a wedding planner, for instance, you can present wedding candy gift bags with your complimentary card and a catalog of wedding pictures as a way of reminding guests of their experience at the wedding.

Gift Bag

How to Know An Event Gift Bag Ideas Is Right For Your Business

Gift-giving is one of the top customer ideas for businesses, and no one knows your business better than you. When guests arrive at your business meeting or function, they need to go home impressed by your hard work. One of the sure ways to ensure they are impressed, appreciated, and special is by giving them gift bags to go home with.

There are different types of gift bags to pick from. The main categories being:

  • Kraft paper carry bags
  • Fabric gift bags
  • Luxury plastic gift bags
  • Custom-made carry bags

However, how will you know the gift bags to choose for your business? Here are some key questions to ask yourself before choosing a gift bag for your business:

Are the event gift bag ideas the best for my products?

Consider the shape, size, and weight of your products before choosing the type of bag to use. You could even have different sizes if you sell different types of products. The durability is also important so it can support the weight of your products.

Another factor to consider is the sensitive nature of your products. Pharmacies, for instance, like to use opaque plastic bags to conceal sensitive contents.

Are the event gift ideas best for my customer?

The gift bag you choose has to be functional for your customers. For grocery stores, the bags should be easy to use and sturdy enough for different sizes and weights. Specialized bags are required for unusual climates or locations so they can be convenient. Details like the strength of the handles, weight, size, and shape should also be put into consideration.

gift bags

Will the event gift bag ideas help market my business?

When selecting the right fabric gift bags for your business, your best option will be to get custom made bags. This is because they can be designed to carry your business logo, colors, and business location. The finishing of the bag will also reflect on your company; therefore, it should be well done.

If, however, you are unable to get custom bags, you can place complementary or business cards in each bag and place branded gift products inside.

Is it good enough for the environment?

The environment is one major factor to consider when choosing a bag for your business. It is always better to go for recyclable or degradable bags. Your customer base might appreciate you sticking to eco-friendly products and patronize you more.

You can choose the kind of eco-friendly material you want directly from Zigpac, then personalize them to suit your business.


According to Cath McCord, “one way to make gifts even more special is through the use of gift bags.” The many event gift bag ideas here are practical and are targeted towards promoting your business. Gift bag options like fabric gift bags, plastic gift bags, paper gift bags, and others are available for all business types. All you need to do is decide which one is best for your business.


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