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What It Takes To Be A Gothic Lolita

What It Takes To Be A Gothic Lolita

Over the years, Lolita fashion has grown to be an intrinsic subculture embraced by many people all over the world. However, to look good in Lolita clothes, especially as a beginner, you first have to understand the various Lolita fashion designs available. The most common sub-categories in Lolita fashion include gothic lolita, classic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, and Punk Lolita. Below are some beginner tips on how to ace gothic Lolita.

Gothic Lolita Colors

The main key element that separates Gothic Lolita fashion from other types of Lolita clothes is the different color schemes. When you are out shopping, select darker hue colors like blue, dark purple, and black. If you feel that the colors are weighing you down, incorporate some white in the top or as a lace feature to give it an instant lift.  However, under no circumstances should you include light colors like baby pink and blue in your ensemble.   

Gothic Lolita Skirt

Often, gothic clothes are usually worn in one piece as it’s easier to pull off.  However, as it depends on your taste and preference, you have the choice of wearing it in two sections; that is a skirt and blouse. When choosing a Lolita skirt, stick close to jumper skirt designs as they are easier to coordinate. Naturally, ensure you pick a skirt that sits at the waist for a refined look. As length is a crucial element when it comes to Lolita fashion, ensure you select dresses that aren’t too short and should at least reach knee length.

Gothic Lolita Socks Or Stockings:

Every Lolita girl should own a decent pair of socks and stockings. As with every type of Lolita cloth, decency is the core principle that should govern your choices. For this reason, ensure that the socks you choose for Gothic Lolita fashion show no skin. To effectively do this, pick socks that reach just above the knee as the skirt or dress will cover them. Though the use of darker colors is customary, you can also wear white socks or stockings. When picking, confirm that the socks and stockings you choose do not sag for a polished look.

Gothic Lolita Footwear:

Mary Jane’s types of shoes are the most popular shoe choices when choosing Lolita fashion styles foot ware. Fortunately, this also steams true for Gothic Lolita. However, just like Punk Lolita, Gothic Lolita also incorporates modern elements. As expected, this allows you to delve into different kinds of footwear, including boots, platforms and strappy heels. To give your foot ware an added oomph factor, you can choose to invest in footwear with chains and frills.

Gothic Lolita Makeup

Though this is an optional element, Often, people who choose gothic Japanese street fashion also wear makeup. To keep abreast with the aura of mystery, darker and more drastic makeup choices like smoky eyes are preferred. However, as always, you have the option of applying light makeup and still successfully pull off this subculture look.


To stay true to the mysterious nature of gothic Lolita fashion, stick to dark color hues like blues, blacks, and reds. As gothic Lolita can incorporate more modern elements, ensure your ensemble adheres to the strict pattern guidelines, especially when choosing the blouse or skirt. Overall, as gothic Fashion can be a drastic change, decide to start slow, incorporating bits and pieces until you fully feel comfortable wearing it every day.  


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