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How to potty train dogs or pups

How to potty train dogs or pups

Most people underestimate the task of owning a pet. When you think of becoming a pet parent, you think of all the fun things you can do with your furry companion. It is until you own the pet that you begin to know how complicated and tasking having a pet can be. Some of the challenging parts of owning a pet include house training. House training encompasses all the tasks about teaching a dog how to behave. Some of these tasks involve teaching him or her where to sleep, getting a feeding schedule, and potty training. Potty training is the most challenging task pet owners have to surpass.

potty training for dogs

Tips for potty training for dogs

Potty training is one of the initial steps you have to take when you bring your dog home. This comes after introducing the pup to all the members of the family. 

The dos

  • The first step to potty training is making sure the dog does not get accustomed to doing his or her business anywhere. You can do this by denying your dog access to individual rooms in the house.  
  • The next step would be to study the character of your pup. This will help you learn the pup’s behavior patterns. Such patterns include how the dog behaves when he or she has to go to the potty. This will also help you to understand how to communicate with your furry companion. 
  • Once you have mastered your furry buddy’s behavior patterns, you can keep an eye out for some behaviors. Such behaviors include those that indicate the dog’s need to go to the potty. Different dogs will behave differently at such a time. Some dogs will whine, circle, sniff senselessly, or bark a lot. When you see such an indication, make sure to take the pup outside to the desired spot. 
potty training for dogs
  • It is also essential to select a specific spot where your dog can do his or her business. Leading the pup to the same place each time will help to condition the behavior hence potty training.
  • Your dog is bound to slip up from time to time. It is, therefore, always essential to be on the lookout. If you catch him doing his business where he is not supposed to, don’t let him finish. Take him outside to complete. 

The don’ts

These are some things that may hinder the process of potty training for most dogs.

  • Make sure that you never interrupt your pup when he or she is on the potty. Interruptions may scare him from doing his business. 
  • Do not keep switching potty zones. This will keep derailing the process of potty training. 
  • Never use violence as a punishment for failures. This is wrong on so many levels.
potty training for dogs

Bottom Line

To enhance the process of potty training, you can use the reward system. This is where you praise successes using treats, toys, or emotional incentives. Emotional incentives include hugs and kisses. Denying treats during moments of failure may also be the right way of reinforcing good behavior.


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