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This is how to buy a picture necklace

This is how to buy a picture necklace

Wearing a picture necklace has become a trend. People now want to have their loved ones, pets or cherished memories with them. You can customize a picture necklace by adding a photo of your choice. The picture is added in a pendant such as a locket or an engraved image.

How do you get a picture necklace if you want one? Here is how you can buy a picture necklace.

Choose a Jeweler

Many jewelers in the market can make you a customized picture necklace. However, you need to do your due diligence to make sure you get the best especially if you want your picture necklace handcrafted.  

To be certain, check customer reviews, check images of their previous work and check out their social media pages. This will give you an idea of the opinions of other customers.

Choose The Pendant Style

Once you choose a jeweler, you will be advised to choose the pendant you prefer. You can find this in the jeweler’s catalog. When choosing, keep in mind the photo you intend to put in the pendant to make sure it fits.┬áSome of the styles include

  • Lockets

These are common for picture necklaces. There is the traditional gold locket with one photo. However, nowadays, you can find a multi-photo locket.

The photo locket can be in various shapes such as a heart locket, oval, round, star, butterfly or footprint. However, the most common is the circular locket.

Other options you can add on the locket include engraved messages, birthstones or nameplate. Pendant shaped like the subject image.

You can have a pendant in the shape of your picture. For instance, jewelers can design the pendant in the shape of your pet. It can either be a printed picture or an engraved image of the picture.

  • Dog tags

You can have a dog tag as your choice pendant for your necklace. The square shape makes them popular because they are suitable for almost all photos and have many customization options. You can have a message, name or memento engraved on it.

Other pendant styles include 3D crystal picture pendant, line drawing pictures, name pendant, and cartoon characters.

Choose the Pictures

Which picture will you use on the pendant?

That will depend on your preference. Some of the pictures include special moment pictures such as a wedding or graduation. You can also use a couple picture, baby pictures, family pictures, friends pictures or pet pictures.

Ensure that the picture you choose can fit in your pendant of choice. For example, for a heart-shaped pendant, the picture will have to be cut to fit in.

In most cases, the jeweler will give you the specifications. However, you will likely be requested to submit a high-resolution photo that has no imperfections. In case you want an engraved photo, then it should have a few details.

Which Metal You Prefer

What metal do you desire for your necklace? Is it gold or silver? Some jewelers pre-select the metal although others may allow you to choose. Some of the common picture necklace metals are gold, rose gold, platinum or silver.

Upload The Image

In most cases, your jeweler will request you to upload the image you prefer to be on your picture necklace. You may be required to edit the image bases on the pendant you have chosen. You may also be required to add other customizations such as messages, names, and gemstones.  

Once all is done, you can wait for your necklace to be customized. The duration will depend on the pictures and customizations. For instance, an engraved pendant will take longer than one with a simple picture.


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