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Steps For Printing Your Messages To A PC

Steps For Printing Your Messages To A PC

There are times when printing your messages on the ios can be an invaluable way to store important information. Therefore, you need to look for ways to backup such information. Besides creating iCloud backups that can be used in saving iPhone messages, there are a couple of iPhone users that are thinking about how useful it would be to print out messages on paper as a backup plan.

This is usually a method of keeping evidence that can defend them in a court case. It could also be a way to harvest important business-related information. But the iPhone message app cannot support AirPrint. This implies that you may not be in a position to use the AirPrint in printing important information directly. In this blog post, we shall bring you up to speed to the three ways you can use in printing out your text messages from the iPhone via Email, a third-party tool, as well as a screenshot. Have you wondered how to print your messages to a PC? Here is how you can print text messages on computer.  


  • Using your iPhone Via Email– you can print out your messages via Email. To achieve this, you have to copy and paste and then send every message conversation through Email. That way, you will be in a position to copy-paste every message before sending it to your Email. In case you have several messages, this is not a reliable method because you would have to lose all the data.
Printing Your Messages To A PC
  • Taking Screenshots– today, we can undoubtedly screenshot everything on our phones, including maps as well as messages. If you want to save important information from your cellphone, then simply begin by taking a screenshot of what you would like to keep. Print it without any hassle. While it sounds easy, the technique is a bit involving. Use it to capture information and then print it when you can. It is crucial to note that printing a screenshot of your text messages from the phone is a viable solution. But also, you can only take one screenshot at a time.
  • Using the EaseUS MobiMover- the easeUSMobiMover helps you to transfer information that requires backup on iPhone, especially in the text format. Thereafter, you can print the information out from your computer. The MobiMover app is capable of transferring content from your iPhone to the computer in the simplest way possible. Let us look at how you can back up messages to your computer using the EaseUS MobiMover.

Should you need to back up your data on the iPhone computer or add some content, then check the following tutorial. First, connect the iPhone to your PC and then click on the ‘Trust’ icon found in the prompt of your iPhone. Launch the EaseUse MobiMover and then select iDevice to your PC. Go to More. Select ‘Messages.’ If there is a need, consider transferring other files with your messages from the iPhone to your computer. You can now tap on the Transfer icon for the transfer process to begin.

Printing Your Messages To A PC

In Closing

Backing up your texts is pretty simple. It is even easier if you use Google Drive or iCloud. However, there are messages you may need to print out on paper or your PC. With the complications that may come with these processes, we have decided to share three ideas you can use in this article. We hope our tips assist you in backing up your data.


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