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Easy Guide To Runescape Gold Trade

Easy Guide To Runescape Gold Trade

Players of Old School Runescape can tell that the gameplay is slightly different from Runescape 3. However, one thing is similar between them, and that’s Runescape Gold. It is the in-game currency that players use to carry out tasks, complete constructions, and so on.

The gold can also be traded, and long-time players know that it is the single most interesting feature of the game. Even when the players take a break from the game, they come back to trade.

For those who like to know how to trade Runescape Gold, we will talk about some of the most profitable ways to do so.

Low-Level Trading

Since we’re focusing on the Old School Runescape, it means players trade Osrs gold. But even the most elaborate trade starts small, which is why it is recommended that you consider low-level trading for a start.

Expectedly, low-level trading doesn’t have requirements. However, you’ll pay for that in a longer task time. Skilling is an example of low-level trading you can practice. This entails spending time developing skills that earn more coins when it gets to higher, more difficult levels.

When you develop skills such as farming, slaying, hunting, runecrafting, and so on, they will make a lot of money when you advance to a higher, more challenging level.

Medium Level Trading

This is a level higher than the previous level and requires a certain level of Combat, Range, and preferably Magic. It is somewhat intensive, but be sure that you’ll get a lot of gold in return for the effort.

For example, when you fight Green Dragons, you can get a lot of materials from it. Also, you can trade these materials for a lot of gold. Bear in mind that mid-level trading is higher in risk, so have the requirements at the ready for sudden eventualities.

High-Level Trading

On this level of trading, you will be getting the highest rate on your skill in gold. For example, hunting Chinchompas can give you as much as 750,000 gold per hour, but you’ve to be ready.

The requirements are high level. That’s why you need 73 or higher Hunter skills, and at least box traps. It takes a lot of tactics to catch chinchompas and quick thinking, and you also have to wary of threats.


Playing Runescape can be fun. However, that fun can be ramped up when you discover how to trade stuff for money. Long-time players keep coming back to the game every time they leave. The allure of gold trading is just that strong.

You can also begin coin trading as you begin to play the game yourself. You should pay attention to what level of trading you should be at what time.

For new players, it is highly recommended (and beneficial) to start from the low level, it warms you up to the other levels and makes your Runescape gaming experience a lot more pleasant.


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