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The Ultimate Guide to Shower Heads

The Ultimate Guide to Shower Heads

The days of utilitarian shower heads are over. You no longer need to have the same design of shower heads anymore.

With the advent of technology and innovation, we now have varieties of shower heads that are nowhere near standard. There are stand-up spas, sophisticated handheld units to adjustable sprays. The list is endless.

Let’s start with the different types of shower heads to help you make your choice

Types of Shower Heads

  • Standard wall mount:

This is a standard wall mount that comes in different designs, some are simple while others are elaborate and sophisticated.

There are also high-grade shower heads that come with unique features like multiple spray modes and different adjustable angles that help to fight corrosion and prevent hard water build-up. Some have just one setting, while others have several settings.

  • Sliding bar

This shower head responds to the personal and height needs of the user. It moves back and forth on a wall-mounted base. Large families often employ this shower head to give each member an enjoyable experience.

It can either be fixed or removable.

  • Top mount

If you want to enjoy the feeling of rain showers, opt for this. A top mount shower head can either be mounted on the ceiling, or hang down a wall mount shower arm.

  • Handheld

This is one of the least expensive and versatile shower heads you can get. They can either be mounted on a wall or removed. It is normally used for bathing purposes, washing pets and kids, and filling drums of water.

If you’re unable to decide between mounted and handheld shower heads, you can go for systems that accommodate both. Remember, whatever model you’re choosing must be easy to hold and manipulate, especially when your hands are soapy and wet.


Newer models of shower heads aerate. Through aeration, they can mix air and water to give the user this feel of improved water pressure whereas they actually use less water than conventional shower heads.

The only problem with aerating shower heads is that they are quite expensive initially, but they will save a lot of money in the long run.

Shower panel systems

Shower panel systems are very customizable and they increase and decrease water pressure wherever you set it.

All you have to do is buy a pre-configured unit (or you can design yours), indicate their placements (this includes chest-level, knee-high, overhead), the number of spigots, the desired spray options, and the output volume.

If you live in a house with lots of shower heads, the rate at which you consume hot water will definitely increase. Ensure there are no environmental or legal restrictions that prevent such usage.


Who wouldn’t want to have this romantic feel with lights?

Shower heads that come with LED create a pleasurable atmosphere that makes your shower experience convenient and pleasurable.


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