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Know about three popular methods of applying CBD

Know about three popular methods of applying CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many extracts obtained from the cannabis plant, and its health benefits are numerous. CBD is second only to THC in terms of abundance when it comes to active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

This organic product is used in the treatment of disorders and also in relieving anxiety. CBD has gained traction in recent times, and this is mostly because it doesn’t get the user high. CBD is available in various forms, and its application also varies in many ways. This article takes a look at the wrong dosage of CBD affects human body:

Popular methods of applying CBD

  • CBD bong: This method of applying CBD involves the use of bongs to inhale CBD. The product is placed in a bowl and subsequently ignited. Then, the person needs to inhale it. This method is believed to give just about the right dosage of CBD.
  • CBD Vapes: The use of vapes makes it quite easy to apply CBD at any point in time. These vapes are small in size and can be kept in the pocket for use. Vapes are designed to take a particular concentration level of CBD, and it is one of the most accurate methods of measuring the amount of CBD to be ingested. The flow mini vape is a type of vape that’s popular for its effectiveness in getting the right amount of dosage of CBD.
  • CBD dabbing: This method of application is the most popular amongst the CBD ingestion methods. Flash vaporization of CBD is carried out on a hot surface and subsequently inhaled. Dab rigs are essential tools used in carrying out CBD dabbing effectively.

Side effects of CBD

There are no effects attached if you consume CBD in the right dosage. however, certain side effects can be traced to high dosage of CBD, and they are:

  • Drowsiness: High dosage of CBD via any method of application is likely to result in drowsiness. Drowsiness is often accompanied by forgetfulness and a visible lack of awareness.
  • Dry Mouth: There’s the chance that the salivary glands in the mouth produce less saliva in case of a high dose of CBD. This means there isn’t enough saliva to keep the mouth wet; hence, the dryness.
  • Dizzyness: High dosage of CBD results in dizziness and lightheadedness. This effect makes such persons lose balance and then result in the inability to maintain proper posture.

Other effects of high dosage of CBD include high blood pressure and heart seizure, and these effects occur in extreme situations.


As discussed in this article, the use of CBD has various health benefits. It’s essential to note that there aren’t any psychoactive effects attached to the use of CBD. However, it’s essential to take in the right dosage of CBD to avoid the implications that accompany the high dosage of CBD. One can use various methods to apply CBD in the right proportion, and we have discussed these methods here.


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