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Tips on how to maintain your lace frontal wig

Tips on how to maintain your lace frontal wig

A woman’s hair is her crown and must be properly maintained. Whether it’s a wig or natural hair we must take adequate care of them to increase their durability and life span. Wigs are an essential part of the beauty industry. They give you the ability to switch up your look at any time. You can wear a different hairstyle and wig color to match your outfit.

Wigs have been around for donkey years and as we advance in civilization so do wigs. Wigs are now made to look natural and flawless. Lace frontal wigs are one of the many innovations in the hair industry. They look just like natural hair with baby curls. Lace front wigs are very versatile and give you the ability to style your weave in various hairstyles.

However, lace frontal wigs do not come in cheap. They are expensive hair units and so must be maintained to get value for your money. This article will be reviewing some useful maintenance tips for lace frontal wigs.

Maintenance tips for lace frontal wigs

As stated earlier, lace frontal wigs are not cheap. You don’t want to spend all that money on a lace frontal wig only to have it destroyed in weeks. Below are some of the ways you can maintain your lace frontal wig and increase its life span

1. Comb and Brush mildly

As much as a lace frontal wig looks like your hair and scalp it is not your hair rather it is an imitation of your hair. When combing or brushing your hair unit, do it mildly and gently. Brushing it roughly will pull out the strands thus making it bald.

2. Use the right products

While it may seem convenient to get hair products from the drug store, it might be detrimental to your lace frontal wig unit. Lace frontal wigs require high-quality hair products without alcohol. Most of the hair products gotten from the drug store contain alcohol. Hair products with alcohol damage your hair and create knots in them.

3. Properly brush it

Properly brushing or combing your lace frontal wig will go a long way in expanding its lifespan. When combing it, do not tug at the root. Ensure you untangle any knotted mess with your fingers before combing it.

4. Keep it cool

Lace frontal wigs do not do so well in extreme heat and high temperatures. They cannot withstand heat as this would dry out their cuticles and damage the entire hair. Avoid using hairdryers in them. When you store them, keep them in a cool dry place away from heat.

5. Consult a hairstylist before dying or bleaching it

Wearing your hair in brown or black colors might seem boring after some time. With several dyes and colors available you easily dye your hair in multiple shades of colors. However, in a bid to switch things up, ensure you consult with your hairstylist to know what dye or color is appropriate for a lace frontal closure wig.

Final thoughts

Maintaining your lace frontal closure wig is quite easy. You just have to be willing to put in the work.


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