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Top 5 Cotton Underwear Hygienic Precautions For Healthy Living

Top 5 Cotton Underwear Hygienic Precautions For Healthy Living

The percentage of women turning to cotton underwear is growing continuously. It is because people are currently prioritizing anything with positive health benefits. There has been a tremendous rise in diseases, such as cancer and yeast infections. Thus, health is presently a crucial element. The cotton bra panty sets promote health by offering a natural, soft, and breathable fabric. The primary consideration while dealing with underwear is prioritizing hygienic precautions. Below are some underwear hygienic precautions for healthy living.

1. Always wear one cotton underwear a day

There is one essential rule that all women should always follow. Never repeat your panty and bra set for more than a day. The once-a-day rule is not limited to all occasions. If you are experiencing vaginal discharge, you can always choose to change your panty several times a day. The benefit of keeping a clean panty is to keep moisture away. Generally, a woman’s vagina is very sensitive. Constant exposure to moisture can encourage yeast infection. In addition, if you wish to maintain your underwear’s elasticity, make sure to change it often. Therefore, one must own several sets of cotton panty and bra sets.

2. Wash the underwear more often

It is very unhygienic for one not to wash their cotton underwear severally. You should ensure to wash it after one wear. Wearing a dirty panty can encourage infections. Furthermore, sweat can easily stick on your bra if you are a sweaty person. Thus, enabling it to form a dirty line. Proper hygiene promotes good health. Therefore, ensure to wash your bra and panty set more often.

3. Go for gentle detergents while washing your cotton underwear

Most women do not carefully consider the type of detergent they use on their underwear. Panty and bra usually come in close contact with one’s sensitive parts. If you soak your underwear in too rough, super strong, and scented detergent, it may not be healthy for you. Doctors usually advise women not to have scented things or perfume near their vagina. Furthermore, extremely concentrated chlorine can encourage your underwear to lose its elasticity. The hygienic solution to well-maintained underwear is a gentle detergent.

4. Change your bra and panty set every six months

If you wish to follow a hygienic lifestyle, you should make sure to change your underwear every six months. It is common for underwear to come close into contact with bacteria after a long period of use. The bacteria may encourage yeast infection. Furthermore, some may begin to lose their elasticity very quickly. Thus, always make sure to change your underwear wardrobe regularly.

5. Always buy perfectly fitting cotton underwear

A too-tight bra can cause soreness and a real pain in one’s upper body and shoulders. The pain may cause some discomfort. Furthermore, it can limit one’s movement. Also, a too-small panty can bar air from freely moving. One’s private parts must have constant access to fresh air. The fresh air may prevent your vagina from smelling.


Healthy living should be a goal for most. One way to ensure healthy living is by hygienically taking care of your cotton underwear. Failure of proper underwear care can lead to yeast infections, a smelly vagina, and pain in one’s shoulder and back. Thus, prioritize healthy living by ensuring cotton bra and panty sets hygiene.


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