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Two Ways to Apply Huawei Themes You Should Know


Themes can actually help the phone screen look more lively and vibrant. The good thing about themes is allowing the users to design and customize their theme according to their preference.

All the more if you’re a developer yourself, it should be easier for you to design your own theme. If you’re not a developer, skip that part and pick all the wonderful themes that Huawei can offer for your device.

Here’s how to use Huawei themes on your device

Using Huawei Themes for your Phone
We will be showing you two ways of using Huawei Themes on your device. Just feel free to choose which one fits best on your taste and only refer down below for the steps.

Access the Themes App
1. Ensure that you’ve already signed in with your Huawei ID. Just log-in and you’re all set.

2. Just browse your phone, and you’ll find a pre-installed Themes app and the preset themes as well.

3. Then for you to use it, just activate a preset theme by browsing all the way down to the Preset Themes section. You will need to pick your desired theme, and just press the Apply option button located at the bottom part of the screen.

4. You will then be redirected to your homepage or main screen section, and you will see how the themes made some changes with your wallpaper and app icons.

5. Just in case you’re not satisfied with how the wallpaper or icons looked like in your phone, you can make some changes without changing the theme entirely. Just go to the Customize section of the chosen theme’s main page and find these options where you can change and customize each of them. You can also edit your widget like adding a control button for your Huawei AudioKit.

Using a Third Party EMUI Theme App
1. You have the option to install a third-party EMUI theme app directly from Google Play Store. Just pick an app that is accredited and compatible with Huawei Phones and click Install.

2. After you have successfully installed the third-party app, start browsing for a theme that you desired for your phone. Once you have found the one, click Download. This will then be downloaded on your phone.

3. After downloading it successfully, just visit the Themes App and go to My Themes. You should be able to see the newly downloaded pick you chose a while back. In case you do not see the new theme, simply close the app and open it again.

4. Once it’s available click Apply and the new theme should be live on your phone by now.

Important Note to Consider
· When installing unknown apps or themes, make sure that you read the reviews and check for any fishy details that can entail from the app.

· Check for any bugs that could harm your device. If it’s lagging quite a lot, uninstall the theme or third party app.

· Check the developer’s credibility and licensing. If the developer can be trusted, then their apps should be good to install.


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