Home Lifestyle What makes Harley motorcycle parts stand out from the crowd?

What makes Harley motorcycle parts stand out from the crowd?

What makes Harley motorcycle parts stand out from the crowd?

Harley Davidson is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturing companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, having been established in the early 1900s. Together with Indian, Harley Davidson is one of the only two motorcycle manufacturing companies to survive the great depression. Today, Harley Davidson is popularly known as the leading motorcycle manufacturer and has earned a sizeable loyal clientele over the years. The company is solely responsible for the invention of the chopper-style motorcycle, and it is also known for developing heavyweight bikes with air cooling features like the cruiser. Also note, motorcycle parts for Harley Davidson are hard to come by because of their impeccable quality and unique features. One of the few companies that deal with these Harley motorcycle parts is Tarazon.

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Essential parts of a Harley Motorcycle

  • Radiator- this is the part that helps keep the motorcycle from overheating. Harley motorcycles radiators are made of durable aluminum.
  • Adjustable levers– Harley adjustable levers are made from high-quality aluminum, which gives the levers strength. This is a feature that most levers in the market lack hence the difficulty in finding the perfect match for a Harley motorcycle.
  • Ape Hanger Bars– An ape hanger bar helps motorcycle riders experience the stretched out feel. Ape hangers come in different sizes and heights.
  • Footpegs– a footpeg is a part where the rider places his or her feet when riding a bike. The footpeg can either be located directly under the passenger or forward. Harley motorcycle footpegs like most of their parts are made of durable aluminum.
  • Disc brake rotor– a brake rotor is positioned along with the wheel. Typically, the rotor spins alongside the wheel. When the brakes are applied on a motorcycle, the disc brake rotor is grabbed using the brake pads causing the wheel to stop spinning. Harley Davidson disc brake rotors are also made of durable materials and are hard to come by.
  • Forward foot controls– Different, forward food controls are designed for specific brands of motorcycles. Harley Davidson motorcycle forward foot controls are specifically designed for unique makes of bikes.
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Features of Harley Davidson motorcycles

  • Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their V-twin engines with a forty-five-degree angle between each cylinder. These features reduce the costs of the bikes and are designed to operate with single setpoints.
  • This brand is also designed with single-cylinder engines in both small and large sizes.
  • The brand manufactures a variety of motorcycle types, including touring bikes, which go by the name dressers or baggers.
  • Motorcycles designed by Harley Davidson are known for their heavyweight and durability features. The durability aspect is influenced by the fact that the bike parts are made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Harley Davidson caters to all sorts of clients with motorcycles with ranging prices, designs, sizes, and qualities.

Take Away

Harley Davidson manufacturers provide their clients with customization services. This means that you can easily make your bike a reflection of your character by working with the company. Customers that have experienced owning Harley bikes attest to the fact that the brand is impeccable.


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