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Where Should You Place The Grill Thermometer?

Where Should You Place The Grill Thermometer?

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the cooking industry, one tool that you shouldn’t ever try to neglect is the grill meat thermometer. Investing In the grill thermometer will enable you to save yourself the trouble of overcooking or undercooking meals. It also prevents the Occurrence of foodborne illnesses.

So, do you already own a grill thermometer but are confused about where to install it in your home? Then keep on scrolling…

Where Should You Place the Grill Thermometer?

For a perfect reading, the grill thermometer should be placed in the thickest part of the meat. While at this, ensure that you avoid bond or fat of any kind – this is a way of getting an accurate temperature of the meat.

Depending on the grill thermometer brand, you may be required to insert the probe about half inches into the meat. In a case where the meat is bigger than the inch suggested, you can as well insert the probe deeper.

As you probe further, the temperature of the meat should stop. If you notice that it’s starting to rise, then stop, else you risk overcooking the meal.

Installing the Grill Thermometer – What You Should Know

One thing you must know is that the temperature contained in a grill or smoker is often higher at the top. This means that the grill thermometer should be installed slightly above the grate. If the grill thermometer is mounted here, it falsely gives the impression of a temperature.

To get the most correct measurement of the temperature, you can mount the grill thermometer on the side, preferably a few inches higher than the grate. But it must be the same length as the food.

How Do You Mount Grill Thermometer?

There are three easy ways to mount a grill thermometer – See them below:

Step 1 – Drill a Hole. This hole should side enough to accommodate the thermometer’s stem threaded part to easily pass through. Ensure that the hole is positioned about 2 to 3 inches higher than the level of the grate.

In case there is more than one grate, the thermometer can be placed on each level.

Step 2 – Put the thermometer stem. This is to make sure that it goes through the hole. The thread should pass through completely.

Step 3 – Add the nut, and make sure that it’s tightened up. The dial should also be correctly positioned, and the nut slightly cranked. Over tightening nuts can spoil the thermometer.

How to Calibrate Your Grill Thermometer

Sometimes, the temperature shown on your grill thermometer may not correctly display the right temperature of your grill or smoker. If this is the case in yours, the next thing to do is to calibrate it.

You can calibrate it by simply removing the thermometer from the cooker and clipping it down with pliers. Go ahead to dip them into boiling water.

Final Thoughts

That’s how you install a thermometer! Your grill thermometer can serve as a temperature control system for the meals you make after installation. It’s a key way to making perfect, tasty grills!


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