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Why You Need To Grab A Vape Pen Instantly

Why You Need To Grab A Vape Pen Instantly

If you do not have a vape pen, then you’re clearly missing out!

There is definitely a no more fabulous tool in a smoker’s toolbox than a modern revamped vape pen. If your classes are tedious or are just feeling bored and clumsy for no apparent reason, then you can always dash to the bathroom for that energetic puff. If you need a quick fix while running from class to that evening job, then vaping it is. But how do you identify a trusted cartridge manufacturer? How do you tell that your cartridge is safe?

The Preface

Vape pens are quickly replacing conventional cigars for most cannabis consumers, not just in countries that have legalized cannabis but those striving in the black market.

And in regions where you would easily purchase weed legally, some people still go for vapes in the black market to evade the steep taxes imposed on the products.  

As research from health experts reported three years ago (2017), one of the scariest things regarding the health impact of using an oil-filled weed vape is the little knowledge or comprehension you may have.

In California alone, about ten people were hospitalized with acute respiratory distress syndrome, thereby prompting the public health department to issue a warning regarding the purchase of vape cartridges from retailers with no license.

In New York, a severe rash of illnesses was linked to the illicit weed vapes too. That is why the CDC decided to release a report based on the severe lung illnesses identified in more than 22 states and linked to cannabis vapes. Researchers have been in the race to determine the health impacts of vaping cartridges and sharing results regarding the best way to identify legit vape products.


Check Labels

It may be too good to be true. If it is, then the vape product is fake.  

You may want to really hear the experts out on this one. If you are purchasing products from a manufacturer based on the black market, this is illegal, and they should be arrested because the product has probably not been tested.

Dealers can buy empty cartridges online and then fill them with toxic distillate. Some of the characteristics of such illicit carts include prominent names that come at relatively low prices.

Research, research, research!

Cartridge shoppers in the black market are not left with a better choice. These people rely on their suppliers’ business ethics to make sure that they are not purchasing an illicit vape. So before you go about buying that cartridge, you need to conduct extensive research and find out whether they are legit.

Final Thoughts

If you are purchasing vape from the black market, you need to remember that prominent brand names do not retail their products outside licensed shops. If you happen to be a dealer with offers, then there is a good chance that these are counterfeits. They are therefore filled with contaminated distillate. Watch out for the tips outlined in this blog post for the greater good of your health.  


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