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Reasons Why Your Laptop Battery May Need To Be Replaced

Reasons Why Your Laptop Battery May Need To Be Replaced

There are three main types of laptop batteries on the market. Dell batteries are usually lithium-ion batteries. Laptops are usually sold with their original batteries as part of the package. However, owing to various reasons, you may need to replace your laptop battery. In this post, we discuss the reasons for replacing laptop batteries. 

How to tell if your laptop battery needs to be replaced

Several signs will let you know whether you need to get a replacement laptop battery for your machine. Below are some common reasons:

1.Windows warnings

If you are using a Windows OS, you can expect some warning signs if your battery has issues. Windows displays warning signs that your machine needs a battery replacement; at least it starts suffering from sudden shutdowns. The BIOS system helps to determine if there are issues with the battery which warrant a replacement. However, note that Windows and all other Operating Systems to dot provide extensive details on the battery.

2.Sudden and constant shutdowns

Another apparent reason that your laptop battery needs to be replaced is if it keeps shutting down frequently. This happens when the battery does not hold charge properly. Sometimes, it happens when the battery does not hold charge ultimately. This problem should be easy to solve with a new battery. However, if it persists even after getting a new battery, the best thing to do would be to get the laptop checked by a professional or contact your machine’s manufacturer. It would be best to do this before jumping the gun and getting a new battery.

3.If the battery charges slowly or doesn’t charge at all

Another sign that you need a new laptop battery is when the battery starts to charge slowly or if it doesn’t charge at all. During your laptop’s lifetime, you should have an idea of how long it takes to get a fully charged battery. If the laptop starts taking a long time to charge fully or refuses to charge at any time, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong. The first thing you should do is check to see if the adapter is running. If that does not work, you can contact the manufacturer to confirm if the battery is the issue and not the charging port.

4.Reduced running time

You will also know that your battery needs to be replaced if its running time reduces. Sometimes, the laptop may shut down before it reaches 0%. This is a standard laptop battery issue.

Where can you get your replacement laptop battery?

  • Original manufacturer- This is a great place to get a new battery for your laptop is from the original manufacturer. However, this can be challenging because it takes a lot of time, and it may cost way more.
  • Third-party vendors- This is the best place to get a new laptop battery. There are several vendors on the market, both online and offline. You can always search the web for a dealer with the exact model and brand of battery you need.


Most laptop battery issues arise because of the age of your machine and battery. Most batteries start developing issues when they are 18 months old or more. However, failure to take care of your battery, like exposing it to heat, can trigger issues.


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