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3 Maintenance Tips For Your Ginger Wig Human Hair

3 Maintenance Tips For Your Ginger Wig Human Hair

There is nothing more amazing than always maintaining a fresh look. Therefore, to keep the stunning look, you need some day-to-day maintenance. The maintenance ensures that you keep looking confident and beautiful as well as protect your hair from damage. Therefore, if you own a ginger wig, there are some steps that you need to take to ensure that your wig lasts longer and looks fresh. This article aims at informing you of three maintenance tips for your ginger wig human hair.

3 maintenance tips for your ginger wig human hair

1. Wash your ginger wig human hair

The period you wash your ginger wig’s human hair depends on how frequently you wear it. The best time to wash your wig is at least once every one to two months. Below are simple steps on how to wash your ginger wigs human hair:

  • Wash the human hair wig with mildly warm water or cold water.
  • Wet the wig with a small amount of mild shampoo. The key point to note at this step is that you should avoid the scalp region.
  • Using your fingers, gently wet your hair using shampoo from the top to the bottom one part at a time. Also, avoid rubbing the scalp or hair to prevent the wig from damage.
  • Apply a minimal amount of soapy water gently to the cap insides. Ensure that you do not forcefully or roughly scrub the cap as it can lead to damage. 
  • After you are done, rinse with mild-warm water from top to bottom and in the cap insides to remove any extra shampoo. 
  • Then using a towel, gently dry the hair.

2. Conditioning the ginger wig human hair

While conditioning the human hair wig, it is crucial to use the required conditioner for wigs. Other conditioners may cause damage to the human hair. Below are the conditioning steps;

  • First, ensure that your hair is wet. Then, apply some conditioner to your hand and evenly and gently spread it to the human hair wig. The critical point to note while applying the conditioner is that you should avoid the wig base. If you apply the conditioner to the wig base, some of the cap’s knots may loosen, leading to hair loss of your ginger human hair wig. 
  • The next step ensures that you let the conditioner stay in the hair for about three to five minutes. 
  • Using a wide toothbrush or your fingers, gently detangle any tangles in the wig. If you use too much force as you would your natural hair, you risk damaging the wig. 
  • Once done with the untangling, rinse the conditioner from the human hair thoroughly under running water. Ensure that the running water is cool. Also, ensure that you rinse the inside of the cap too.

3. Drying your ginger wig human hair

  • Avoid using blow dryers to dry out the wig. The best method is to let the wig air dry naturally. 


Ginger human hair wigs are an investment. Like any investment, taking care of it will ensure that it keeps on always being at its best. If you avoid maintaining the wig, the wig will not last long, and it will also lose the shiny fresh look. Therefore, the above steps will help you learn how to wash, shampoo, condition, and dry your hair. 


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