Home Lifestyle A Guide on How to Maintain an Air Purifier

A Guide on How to Maintain an Air Purifier

A Guide on How to Maintain an Air Purifier

Like all other home appliances, air purifiers should be given proper care and maintained well. Depending on the type and model, the level of maintenance varies from one to another. They come in different sizes: large, medium, small, and whole-house based on the preferred location or room size, e.g., the large air purifiers serve a room with 700 to 2000 square feet. Check out the best large room air purifier for your home at an affordable price. In this extract, we highlight ways of maintaining an air purifier.

Ways of Maintaining an Air Purifier

These devices should be properly maintained to last long and serve their purpose. We look at how to care for air purifiers based on the type you own below.

1. Air Purifiers with Pre-Filters, Carbon Filters, and HEPA Filters

Air cleaners vary and use different technologies to function. Those with filters are popular among users due to their ability to trap particles ranging between big and small.

2. Pre-Filters

They are easy to maintain and less costly compared to others. You can wash and reuse them depending on their condition; however, Some few models need replacement after a while, but they are cost-friendly and easy to install. The filters are made using a loose weave to trap large particles and prolong the life of the main filters.

3. Carbon Filters

They consist of activated carbon that eliminates pollutants from the air and absorbs finer particles like smoke and other odors. The purpose of the carbon filters influences their thickness or densities. A big and thick carbon filter traps more particles and purifies the air more than a thin carbon filter.

Maintaining the size of the filter is important to keep it operating as usual. If your filter is thin, regular replacement is necessary since the pores on the carbon surface fill up quicker than the thick filter so that no more absorption can occur and becomes inactive.

4. HEPA Filters

They are the best and most efficient filters among the three. This is because they permanently trap 99.7 percent of all contaminants making the air safe and conducive indoors. Most air purifiers and home appliances contain this type of filter; however, they are degradable and require regular changing for maintenance purposes. Even in the presence of pre-filters, the HEPA filters may end up clogging after a long period. Getting a new filter is challenging as it’s the most expensive form of all filters. Some purifiers alert you on when to change the filters, which is good to avoid using one that’s already ineffective.

5. Electrostatic Air Purifiers

One advantage of these devices is they don’t need any filter replacements. Maintaining them is easy and affordable and should be done at least once every week. Remove the plates for cleaning using soap and water and put them back once you are done. No maintenance costs are incurred in the process, which is a good thing for any user.


The primary way to maintain an air purifier is to replace the filters to ensure they work efficiently. Also, general care for the machine extends its lifespan and reduces the costs needed for repairs or multiple replacements.


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