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What are the features of kn95 mask

What are the features of kn95 mask

A kn95 mask is uniquely designed to offer maximum protection against harmful transmitters and airborne particulates that can lead to respiratory illnesses.

The mask’s features are subjected to rigorous testing by an organization such as CDC Centres for Disease Control to ensure they met the set standards.  Different masks come with different features that allow them to perform their intended job properly.

Below are some unique features of the kn95 mask.  

Low Breathing Resistance and High Filtration Efficiency

Its intrinsic design makes the kn95 mask worth wearing even in the most unbreathable environs. The mask has undergone certification measures which have proven it has 95% filter efficiency.

High filtration efficiency of the kn95 face mask will ensure that you are breathing clean air devoid of pollen, germs, dust, chemicals, allergies, smoke, ash and other pollutants. Additionally, it has a low breathing resistance allowing you to breathe without straining yourself.

The fiber material used allows the mask to trap the particulates while allowing enough interspaces for air to pass through unrestricted.

5 Layered Carbon Filters

Kn95 masks are built with 5 inner activated carbon layers for air filtration removing specks of dust, odors, gases, and sediments. The carbon fiber materials used are soft, lightweight, latex-free and humidity-resistant that gives the mask its protection capabilities.

Its filtration efficiency is well above 95% ensuring that the air you breathe is clean. The carbon layers make it a multi-purpose mask that can comfortably be used for outdoor activities such as cycling, lawn mowing, material assembling, cleaning, drywall sanding and so forth.

Flexible Nose Clip

Imagine wearing a face mask that presses hard on your nose and you are forced to wear it for a long period. It’s uncomfortable, right?

Kn95 is designed with a nose clip made from a silicone adjustable strip that provides a firm yet comfortable grip on your face. It can, therefore, be worn for long periods while performing any different forms of outdoor activities. Besides, it’s there are different sizes for different faces so you won’t have to worry about finding one that fits you.

Its pear-shaped design also adds to its protection capabilities by preventing substances from slipping from the sides

Fold Design

Its lightweight, elastic fabric as well as nylon material makes it easy to handle before and after use. Its V shape design allows you to fold or flatten it easily making it easy to store.

Furthermore, its light material means that it can be easily maintained without wearing off and looking flawed even after extended use.

Exhalation Valve

Kn95 mask comes in two models, those with exhalation valves and those without. For those that have it, the valves help to dissipate exhaled air out of the mask.

The design of the valve is that it allows exhaled air to rush out through it as a result of the pressure from the exhaled air within the mask and closes as a result of surrounding pressure outside the mask. Models with the exhalation valve are suitable for kids and those with respiratory ailments.


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