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Apple Carplay Is Now Free For BMW Owners

Apple Carplay Is Now Free For BMW Owners

After charging its customers an absurd fee in 2019, coupled with newer models, BMW is now making the BMW Apple Carplay Retrofit standard with no additional costs on the vehicles furnished with elements of navigation. The brand recently received negative feedback. For that reason, it wanted to be considerate of its tech-geared customers. Today, BMW customers are getting a perk: it happens to be one of the most intense considerations any automaker has made since time immemorial. BMW has decided not to charge its customers anymore. Therefore, the device is free for all users.

Why Should You Go For The CarPlay?

The BMW CarPlay has a way of taking the things that you would like to do using your iPhone while at the same time mounting them on the display of your car. So when you connect the iPhone to the device, you can easily get directions and make calls while sending as well as receiving texts. You can also listen to music.

How It All Came About

The power, as well as the simplicity of the stylish Apple Maps, is readily available in your car because BMW is a revolutionary brand that seeks to provide its customers with quality products. With this device, you can predict where you intend to go using addresses from various emails synced into your phone, text messages, and contacts.

 Currently, with a detailed map altogether, you can also make good use of the turn-by-turn audio directions coupled with an immersive 3D experience. BMW has definitely made it easier for its customers to find directions.

The one-tap access to destinations is a feature that assists you in finding more to see as well as do when you get out there. This is whether you are searching for a specific point of interest of just driving to a known restaurant.

BMW is always determined to satisfy your needs, and that is the policy it has used in introducing this new product into the market.

Just about three months ago, the management of BMW made an announcement that the 2019 Model Year vehicles are going to be charging some fee to utilize Apple CarPlay.

At that moment, the ConnectedDrive website of the vehicle had been advertising a ridiculous fee of about $80 in 12 months for this specific service.  

The management also advertised a fee of $300 for a 240-month membership. But in the past, the management of BMW charged a single one-fee time of about $300 to add Apple CarPlay to the navigation-equipped models of BMW.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, if you happen to be a BMW owner currently, then just know that you are lucky to be part of the team that is receiving an equipped iDrive 7.0 coupled with an Apple subscription. Also, naturally, there are several unanswered questions, including the possibility of receiving refunds for individuals who paid for that specific service. If you have such questions, then consider contacting BMW since the customer care if furnished with the right answers.  


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