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How to Use Magnetic Tiles for Learning

How to Use Magnetic Tiles for Learning

In this age when kids are easily dependent on screens thanks to video games and gadgets, getting your kids to play toys is important. Magnetic tiles are not only great toys that helps kill the time for kids three years and above but you can actually use this magnetic toy to help them learn. This versatile building tool does not only encourage creativity but also helps them learn a wide range of concepts and skills. Parents should use this to be a learning advantage for their kids. Here is a list of ways to use magnetic tiles for kids as a learning tool:

Identify shapes

You can use the magnetic tiles to teach your kids about shapes and colors. Different brands can offer more shapes than the usual squares and triangles. If you have the squares and triangles only, you can teach them about angles.

Identify colors

Toys are very colorful to attract your kids. Magnetic tiles are translucent tiles but they come in a wide variety of colors. You can use this to teach your kid what color a tile is.

Sorting and counting

Magnetic tiles come in pieces and you can use that to help your kid sort and count. It is a great “clean up” game too.

Scientific concepts

Creations made out of magnetic tiles are not as vulnerable as creations made from traditional building blocks. This is because of the magnets on all sides of each tile. You can use this magnets to teach your kids about scientific concepts such as magnetic principles.

Learn about 3-D

You can use magnetic tiles to build 3-D structures. You can teach your kids how to do so and make them develop basic engineering skills. This allows more creative ideas and outputs from your kids.

Develop fine motor skills

With magnetic tiles, children do not only have fun building and creating structures. The act of doing so helps develop their motor skills and hand to eye coordination.

Develop critical thinking

Building with magnetic tiles will make your kids go through instances where they have to deal with problem solving. Perhaps they find that a piece does not fit into their plans or that they need to adjust their design. This helps develop their critical thinking and decision making skills.

As you can see, magnetic tiles are not just simple toys that you use to distract the kids. You can turn it into a learning experience for them. Once you sit down and join them, you will find how enjoyable they are – even for adults. You can easily turn a playing session with magnetic tiles into a bonding session between you and your kids.

Do not forget to reward your kids when they learn something new or behave well. This will encourage them to do better next time. It does not have to be a grand reward. You can give them their favorite candy or cook their favorite meal or dessert.


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