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A Guide on containers available for building homes

A Guide on containers available for building homes

Due to the popularity of container homes, architects have begun to consider them as alternative building materials. One could either purchase a new shipping container or a used one for reuse. These containers can be converted to whatever you want them to be. They can serve as shops, office spaces, and homes. A lot of persons like to use them because of their many advantages. Container houses are comfortable, cheap, and ecofriendly.

Little wonder, Amsterdam has delved into this and have constructed a container village where most of the houses are made from shipping containers. Shipping containers are now considered as a better option for housing because of its low-cost rate, ease, and speed of installation.

To be an efficient container house builder, you must be aware of the different types of containers to know what is available and how to maximize your materials.

  • Dry storage container

The dry storage container is what has always been referred to as all-purpose containers. They are fully enclosed and protected from the elements of the earth such as water, air, and earth.

  • Open top container

Just like the name implies, open-top containers are containers with convertible tops that can easily be removed. This is to allow the carriage of goods that are really tall or over height. There are lashing rings which are attached to the corner post as well as the upper and lower side railings of open-top containers to hold goods in place.

  • Flat rack container

Flat rack containers contain two collapsible sides that can easily be folded to make a flat rack. Even if the end walls are collapsible, they are strong enough to hold cargo in place. They are often used to ship in heavy pieces of machinery and construction materials.

  • Tunnel containers

Tunnel containers have two openings/doors at both ends thus making it look like a tunnel. They are also referred to as ‘double door containers’. They are very helpful in loading and unloading goods. When constructing a container home, you do not have to cut the container for more doors if you want two doors at both ends or if you want both ends open.  

  • Open side container

The difference between the regular shipping container and the open side container is that the doors at the side can open completely. Just like tunnel containers, open side containers minimizes cutting for a container home builder especially of the design requires the side to be open.

  • High cube container

Some persons like their container houses to be a bit high. High cube containers are just the perfect match for them. These containers are taller than the regular container by one foot.

  • Tank containers

Tank containers are made from strong metal and are often used to transport liquid materials. These containers make an excellent cylindrical shape if your design includes one. Although, most people do not use tank containers to build houses because of the materials they have transported and the strong chemicals that might be in the containers.

  • Half-height containers

They often transport heavy and dense goods because of their height and their low center of gravity.

All of these different types of containers can turn to excellent building materials for creative container home builders. Some are already cut with the perfect opening thus reducing the stress of re-cutting the containers.


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