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How to Use Your Best Travel Router

How to Use Your Best Travel Router

You have already packed for your travel and you are on your way out. You have carried your travel router just in case you need to go online. No doubt you chose the best to meet your needs.

However, do you know how to use your best travel router?

Well, before you start on your travel, you should learn how to use the router. This way, you won’t struggle when on the train or at the airport to make it work.

Here is how to use your travel router.

A travel router helps you to connect to the public Wi-Fi, hotel Wi-Fi, or a hotspot. The router ensures that you get a secure connection to your devices. It is some kind of an intermediary between the provided internet and connection to your devices.

For example, you are staying in a hotel and you want to use the wifi there. The easiest thing is to ask for the wifi password. What if you have more than one device? Will you keep on entering the password?

With a travel router, you simply need to connect it to the provided wifi and then you can connect your devices to the router. You don’t have to keep connecting each of the devices to the hotel wifi or requesting passwords each time.

The router provides you with a secure connection to your devices. This is especially important if you are using public Wi-Fi, which obviously comes with security concerns.

Remember, a router can have other functionalities. It can be an access point and transform a wired connection to a wireless one or a repeater if the signal is not strong.

Set up the router

It is recommended that before you leave for your trip, you should first set up your best travel router. This way, it will be easier for you once you reach your destination.

To connect to the router, open your browser and type the router’s IP address on the address bar. It will bring a log-in panel where you are required to key in the username and password. Routers come with default logins which you can find at the product descriptions.

For safety, it is recommended that you change the default logins and create a new username and password.

Once in, you can change or modify the internet settings of the router.

Choose Operation Mode

Do you want to use your router to operate on router mode, access point mode, or the repeater mode? Choose and set up the operation mode. Normally, you will use a setup wizard. You simply go to the operation mode in the menu and use the setup wizard.

Now that your best travel router is set up, you will simply connect it to the provided internet as you travel.

There are many benefits that arise when you use a travel router. The main one is that you will connect to the internet using a secure connection. Also, you can connect more than one device to the router.

Even better, you can disable the visibility of your devices to other users and disable file-sharing options.

You only set up the router once since after this, it will recognize your devices and connect automatically.


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