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7 Different Name Chain You Can Choose From

7 Different Name Chain You Can Choose From

Gifting people with a name chain is one way you can express your love and affection towards them. To get the perfect namenskette, you have to put into consideration the occasion and your relationship with the person you are getting it for.

Types of Name Chain

Below are some of the best type of name chains

1. Diamond Name Chain

It is one of the most valuable types of name chains because the diamond itself is an expensive stone. To show someone how precious they are or how much they mean to you, a diamond name necklace can serve best.

2. Crystal Name Necklace

Just like diamonds, crystals are rated highly when it comes to female jewelry. It glows just like a polished diamond. This single piece of jewelry is enough to sweep any lady off her feet.

The good thing about crystals is that they are quite affordable, they are not as expensive as diamonds. It could serve as a gift for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

3. Couples Silver Name Chain

This usually comes with a beautiful pendant in the middle although not all of them have this feature. It is normally used by couples who are in love. It could pass for an “Introduce myself theme”

4. Baby Name Chain

The basic difference between this name chain and other ones is that this is specially designed for babies. It often has the baby’s name engraved on a tiny plate.

This gift might not make much significance to the baby or the parents at that point. However, the baby will be glad about the gift when he gets much older because it will be perfect for his collection.

5. Gold Name Chain For Family Collections

At times you can get a bit confused as to what gift to get when you attend a family function. A Family name chain can serve on various occasions.

Unlike gifts that will be stored away in a shelf or probably left in the basement, a name chain will always be worn. It has the family name or name of family members written on it hence it has a sentimental value.

6. Bead Name Necklace

This type of necklace is made with beads. This seems to be one of the kid’s favorites because they can partake in making it. Sounds like a nice plan for kids activity during the summer holidays.

The necklace is made using beads of different sizes and shapes with their name in the middle using beads that have alphabets.

7. Wooden Name Necklace

Carving out names on wood sounds exotic and for many, exotic is interesting. A wooden name chain can be gotten from a gift store but if you are artistic, it would make more sense if you do it yourself.

This type of name necklace is very affordable hence a wide range of people including teenagers can afford it.


Gifts can come in various forms, it could be food, money, or clothing but nothing can be more personalized than making a name chain. It is a way of creating your own piece and incorporating special features.


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