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How to Keep Your Garden Hose Safe And Sound

How to Keep Your Garden Hose Safe And Sound

To achieve that perfect garden which you always dream of, you will be needing a garden hose. A high-grid hose is needed for regular watering of the garden which is a very vital process in gardening.

However, it is not just enough to own a Garden Hose. You must take care of them regularly so that they will remain efficient. Because no matter how well a hose is made, it will spoil easily if it is handled carelessly.

How to Maintain a Garden Hose

Below are basic instructions you should adhere to if you care very much about your hose.

Keep it inside when it is not in use

This might seem like a very simple instruction but unfortunately, most people find it very difficult to adhere to. In some cases, you might simply forget because you got distracted by something really important.

But be careful not to do this too often because constantly exposing your tool to harsh weather can cause damage to the tool. The same effect is applicable when you leave your hose all tangled up instead of storing it away in a suitable position.

Coil it up

In addition to always ensuring that your hose is inside, you should coil it up instead of leaving it to lie around. You can do this using a hose reel which is both fast and convenient. If you don’t fancy the idea of a hose reel, other equipment such as pots and brackets can perform this function.

You can choose to roll up the hose to look like the figure 8. This option protects the hose from wear and tear. It also makes the hose more vulnerable to cracks and unwanted holes.

Do not drag it

No matter how tired or lazy you might be, resist the urge of dragging the hose all because you need to move it. Whenever you want to transfer a hose from one part of the farm to another, make sure you lift it.

If it is too heavy for you, wait till you get help, never make the mistake of dragging it along the garden. The first disadvantage of this is that it kills plants and reduces the aesthetic value of the garden or lawn.

Another disadvantage is that it loosens the connection between the hose and nozzle. If it continues, soon the hose will start leaking at the point of connection.

Do not leave water in the hose

As much as possible, try to drain your hose whenever you are done gardening. Leaving water inside a hose causes freezing when the temperature is low. When a hose is too cold with water in it, it expands to a large extent.

Unfortunately, this is not such great news because the expansion of the garden hose is linked to lots of damages in the hose. If you normalize the act of always draining your hose properly each time you need it, it will save you a whole lot of stress and money.


You might be right to say that a garden hose won’t last forever but if taken good care of, it will last for several years. This way, you won’t need to replace your hose every now and then.


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