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Beginners’ Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring for Men

Beginners’ Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring for Men

As you plan for your wedding, you have a lot of things in mind. You need to choose the right venue and food for your guests. Buying a wedding ring might not be on your mind now. Buying the best men’s wedding ring is easier than said. There are different types of wedding rings for men. The most popular one is men’s moissanite ring. This type of wedding band is available in a range of shapes, materials, finishes, and styles. Remember this is a piece of jewelry you will have for the rest of your life.  The following are tips to help you select an ideal wedding ring for a man.

Determine Your Budget

You should determine the budget for your wedding early. Probably you have an estimate of the cost already. When you know the amount to spend on a ring, it becomes easier to find the right. Many couples do not know how much they should spend on their wedding rings. Wedding planners recommend that the wedding bands should not cost more than 3% of the total wedding cost. Remember that the cost of a ring varies depending on style, choice of metal, design, and ring setting. Make sure you sit down with your partner and calculate the cost.

Buy in Advance

There is a lot of work involved in wedding preparation. Shopping around for a wedding band is likely to take up a lot of your prep time. If you purchase your ring in advance you can avoid this hustle. It is advisable to order your ring at least 3 months before the wedding day. This will ensure you have adequate time for engraving and customizing it. For instance, professional artisans can engrave love promises, scriptures, and names.  


There are different metals used to make wedding rings. The common ones are gold, platinum, silver, diamond, and moissanite. If you are buying a gold wedding ring, you should go for 18ct gold as it is not expensive. If you are on a budget you can even get brass wedding rings. Platinum is a strong metal that can withstand harsh elements. Also, it is relatively cheaper as compared to diamond rings.


If you are buying your wedding ring in a jewelry store, you can easily find the right size for you. This is because you will have an opportunity to try different ring sizes. Make sure the ring is comfortable and it is not too tight or loose on your finger. However, if you are buying your ring online, you will need to be careful and get the right size. Make sure you get your finger size measured by a professional jeweler.

Store Reputation

Since a wedding ring is an expensive object, you want to ensure you are dealing with reputable stores. If you want it customized, you should deal with qualified artisans. Make sure you carry out a detailed research about the store. Read reviews, testimonials, and feedback from past customers. Find out how they handled complaints from customers.


Buying a wedding ring for your man does not have to pose challenges. The above tips will help you make an informed choice. Consider your budget and above all buy from a reputable store. If you have to buy from an online store, make sure you have the correct sizing.


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