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SI Diamonds: SI1 vs SI2 Diamonds

SI Diamonds: SI1 vs SI2 Diamonds

si diamonds (Slightly Included Diamonds) are diamonds that have minor inclusions that can be detected by a professional diamond grader. Most of the inclusions can only be identified under a 10x magnification while some of them can be seen with the naked eye. However, these inclusions do not mean the SI diamonds are fake or invaluable. The value of SI diamonds will appreciate alongside the value of other diamonds.

Diamonds are measured on a clarity scale that reads from Fl, which means Flawless to Included. Flawless diamonds do not contain any inclusions while Included diamonds contain a lot of inclusions. SI diamond clarity is located in the middle of the scale, which means there are only minor inclusions that may not be very visible. Diamond clarity is measured under 10x magnification.

SI Diamonds are divided into two, which are Slightly Included diamonds 1 (SI1) and Slightly Included diamonds 2 (SI2). SI1 diamonds only have small inclusions that are not very noticeable and most of the time cannot be seen with the naked eye. SI2 diamonds on the other hand have more inclusions than SI1 diamonds. However, the visibility of the inclusions in both types of SI diamonds depends on the size and placement of the inclusion.

Difference between SI1 and SI2

Here are some features that distinguish SI1 from SI2 diamonds:


As stated earlier, the major difference between SI1 and SI2 is the visibility of the inclusions. The inclusions in SI1 diamonds are usually smaller and not as much as those in SI2 diamonds. It is safe to say that SI1 diamonds are generally cleaner than SI2. SI2 diamonds on the other hand usually contain larger inclusions than the SI1 which makes them more visible, even to the naked eye. However, it’s nothing to worry about if you can’t notice the inclusions, your diamonds will still look beautiful.


Due to the fact that SI1 diamonds are generally cleaner than SI2 diamonds, they are slightly more expensive than SI2 diamonds. SI1 diamonds could cost as much as $10,000 while SI2 diamonds cost about $4,000 and below. Notwithstanding, both diamonds are cheap compared to flawless diamonds or other diamonds of a higher grade.

Choosing an SI diamond

When it comes to choosing an SI diamond, the grade doesn’t matter as much as what you can see with your eyes. It’s best to opt for cleaner SI diamonds irrespective of their grades. If the diamonds are clean, the inclusions or impurities will be barely noticeable to other people when you wear your diamond. Some inclusions can be hidden when the diamonds are made into jewelry, which means your jewelry won’t look tacky or fake.


It’s difficult to say SI1 diamonds are better than SI2 diamonds in that they both have their ups and downs. All that matters is what you see with your eyes and how noticeable the inclusions are under 10x magnification. Some SI2 diamonds may look cleaner than SI1 diamonds depending on the location of the inclusions. Whatever you choose, both diamonds are valuable assets.


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