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Benefits of Using Reusable Face Mask

Benefits of Using Reusable Face Mask

We have witnessed the surge in demand and supply of masks. With the current situation, face masks are part of our lives, and it will take time before we can return to our usual way of life. However, we lack appropriate systems to dispose of these masks. While on one side, we are fighting an enemy, we are destroying our environment.

This is where reusable face masks with filters come into play. A reusable face mask performs the same task as s single-use face mask. It forces air through layers that act as filters for water droplets and other harmful substances present in the air. The difference is that you can wash, change filters, and use it for up to 5 years. If we were all to wear reusable face masks, we would be doing our ecosystem a lot of good.

Since the market is filled with counterfeits, a lot of care should be taken when choosing a mask. These two factors that determine the efficiency of a reusable face mask;

  • Filtering capability
  • Fit

When you go to a shop, the first thing in the mask you should check is the filter material. A good mask should have a significant amount of material that is closely packed. This will ensure that aerosol particles can’t get through quickly. Be it in a laboratory or an industry; an efficient mask can save lives. The material used to make a filter should be dense. It would be best for you if you went for cotton or silk. Surprisingly that elastic cotton used to make our T-shirts are the best for this task.

When it comes to fit, it a bit tricky to go to a shop and try out masks. You could inquire about the store’s return policy. The slightest gap on your face and the mask can reduce the mask’s efficiency by 60%

So, why choose a reusable face mask? What advantages does it have over single-use masks?


Unlike a single-use face mask, a reusable face mask can service you for more than a year. Since the filter material can be replaced, you can quickly restore its efficiency as time goes by. All you need is some warm water and alcohol to wipe your mask.


Instead of purchasing disposable masks all the time, you can get a reusable face mask with filters. All you have to do is purchase extra filters for changing. One filter is equivalent to 20 disposable masks meaning that you will be saving a lot of money.


With a reusable mask, we will be reducing waste disposal. With no litter on our streets, our environment will be safe. Since some of us lack appropriate methods of disposal, a reusable face mask is our only option.

Face masks have many uses; laboratories, medical, industries, and the pandemic. It is going to take time before the use of face masks can get out of our system. Before this happens, reusable face masks with filters are the best options for protection. Always be on the lookout for counterfeits when purchasing these items.


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