Easy ways to hang personalized canvas wall art


The benefits of having personalized canvas wall art in homes cannot be overemphasized. Canvas wall paintings are very timeless pieces that can be used as decorative pieces (instead of conventional or traditional décor pieces) in your home, office space, to store a memory, or to gift a loved one.

Furthermore, are you looking for a way to buy affordable pieces that can make your home or office space look expensive? Look no further, as your personalized canvas wall art can do just that for you. iCustompainting is your one-stop solution for all your canvas wall art needs. They can create beautiful, timeless, and affordable pieces that can make a simple space look sophisticated.

This is why rich people invest their time and resources to search and purchase their personalized canvas wall art because their value doesn’t degrade with time, it’s a transferrable gift, and make a space look effortlessly beautiful and flamboyant.

So, let’s assume that you appreciate personalized canvas wall art, and you’ve purchased several of them. But you have realized another problem- there isn’t enough space to put it. While that may not necessarily be true, it’s something you can solve if you know different ways to hang personalized canvas wall art.

But before we do that, let’s look at the basic tools one needs to achieve this

Basic tools used for hanging personalized canvas wall art

  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Wall protection pads

Now that we know the tools needed, let’s dive into the business of the day now, shall we?

Easy ways to hang personalized canvas wall art

1. Nails

This is the most popular way of hanging personalized canvas wall art because most designs are done on small and medium canvasses. It is so important that you choose nails according to the size of the canvas. Small nails work best with small canvasses of size 8 x 10, while medium nails work on medium canvasses of size 16 x 20.

Brass or steel nails are recommended.

Start the process by marking the wall with a pencil, drilling the nail into the wall with one or two hits, then hanging the canvas on it. Very easy!

2. Eye hooks

Eye hooks are very popular in professional stores but you’d be shocked at how handy they can be at home. Small eye hooks are great for canvasses and don’t consume so much space between the wall and the frame.

Start the process by marking the center with a pencil, followed by screwing the hooks on both sides of the wood frame, about 5 inches from above. Then, string the wire between the two hooks to give room for hanging.

Finally, use the hook (or hammer in a nail if you like) in the center you marked with a pencil.

3. J-Hooks

If you have a big canvas, J-hooks are your best bet. They come in different sizes with one or two nails and are mostly used in big stores. Start the process by marking the wall in several places, depending on how many hooks you are using.

Place the J-hook on the wall. Use the nail that comes with it and hammer it straight into the wall. It should go in perfectly. Ensure that the hooks are aligned perfectly so that the canvas doesn’t look bent when hung.


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