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What Does Huawei Mobile Service Offer?

What Does Huawei Mobile Service Offer?

Huawei launched the HMS core that is a collection of different tools and services that its partners and developers need to create unique apps. The apps created easily tap into full software and hardware capabilities that Huawei smartphones and other devices offer. Developers now have the opportunity to deploy on-device capabilities to provide amazing experiences to the end-users.

HMS Core Kits

Account Kit

This kit offers developers with a secure, quick, and simple sign-in and authorization features. As a result, users can access services and products from the Huawei consumer cloud and their personal information via smartphones, wearable devices, PCs, and tablets.

Location Kit

You should note that HMS location utilizes a patented hybrid positioning system. Ideally, it is a combination of Wi-Fi, base station, and Bluetooth. It allows the app to gather user locations accurately and quickly. Therefore, developers can use it to create global positioning capabilities, and it can reach out to different users from across the globe.

Map Kit

The map kit comprises of different APIs that replace developer maps for Google’s Android. Thus, developers have the freedom to use the SDK to add map-related functionality to the apps.

Push Kit

This is a messaging platform created by Huawei for its developers. You can use it to establish a communication channel between the devices and the cloud. With the Push Kit, it is easier for developers to send notifications or messages to the users. In this way, developers ought to maintain close ties with users, and it increases user activity and awareness. They can even send messages from the cloud to the device.

Ads Kit

This kit allows developers to monetize their traffic or their apps on Huawei devices. The good thing about the kit is that it facilitates advertising and tracking of ads. Moreover, developers can use ad personalization and identifier capabilities.


The audiokit supports different formats that include M4A, MP3, FLAC, OGR, and more. Also, it prioritizes cached audio for quick playback. Ideally, you can continue listening to your audio from where it stopped or paused.

Drive Kit

With the drive kit, developers can create apps and store them in Huawei Cloud Drive. As a result, files that are generated from app users get stored in cloud drive. In addition, users can sync files and download files stored in cloud drive. For instance, they can download videos, documents, and photos. Huawei Cloud Drive offers security protection for different types of data. It also enables users to manage data securely and conveniently. There are various core capabilities of the drive kit for developers.

In-App Purchase Kit

With this kit, developers can provide in-app purchases and in-app payments. This means users can buy a wide range of services and products that include subscriptions and virtual products from the app. Another thing you will like about the In-App Purchases kit is that it makes it easy to manage languages and prices of apps and games in a wide range of countries.

Analytics Kit

Analytics Kit provides different analytics models that can help developers and partners to understand the behavior of app users. Moreover, they can gain in-depth insights regarding their content and products. Developers can then implement data-driven operations and make decisions concerning product optimization and app marketing.


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