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Tips On Becoming A Better Panda Volunteer

Tips On Becoming A Better Panda Volunteer

Interested volunteers of Panda tours may wonder what kind of qualification or training is they need before they can qualify to take care of giant Pandas. You need little to no special skills to do these routine tasks. However, volunteers need to work closely with seasoned professionals and Panda Keepers on and off the field.

Basic requirements to be a Panda Volunteer


Though Pandas belong to the Carnivora family, they seem quite harmless for wild animals, and as such, persons between the age of 12 to about 65 years are allowed to volunteer. Children below that age bracket can be carried along and taken care of by a guide. Due to the tough nature of the activities involved, persons from the age of 18 are most eligible for volunteering.

Self Control

Volunteers should be disciplined enough to cooperate with the basic rules that guide the base, such as maintaining distance from the cage, taking photos, and not patting the animals unless instructed by the Keeper. All these measures are put in place to prevent disease transmission and safety, as the pandas are still wild animals.


Traveling insurance is essential to eliminate risk and aid stress-free travel.


Volunteering to work with Pandas may be a little hard work, so you should be able to carry out simple tasks and at least provide a doctor’s permit stating you are fit for the job. You would also be cared for and be safe, CCRCGP ensures this.


Once you become a registered volunteer, simple training, you need some training to improve productivity and ensure both yours and the panda’s safety.

What does A Panda Volunteer do?

You can also learn online about panda volunteers and the work they do. These are some of the basic tasks a panda volunteer performs:

  • Carry out office duties: This may refer to paperwork regarding all the ongoings in the base or sanctuary.
  • Replanting: This entails planting or replanting the bamboo that the Pandas feed on
  • Handling pandas:Panda volunteers are safety conscious and do not go about holding little pandas to avoid disease transmission. You must know when a Panda wants to be cuddled or touched because they are wild animals and vicious when provoked.
  • Feeding and Cleaning: Volunteers feed the panda, make their food, and also clean up the mess that comes with it. They eat about 20-40 pounds of bamboo that do not digest well, so clean up had to be regular to make the space clean and conducive.

Other jobs include

  • Dismantling bamboos
  • Weighing feces to determine the health status of Pandas
  • Touring
  • Familiarizing with the behavioral patterns of Pandas


Being a Panda volunteer is a great adventure that comes with serious caution and responsibilities. You must ensure you meet all the requirements to ensure safety and carry out duties regardless of your designation. You can find more information on https://pandavolunteer.org/┬áso that you can familiarize yourself with the panda volunteer tours’ benefits.


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