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Get the Latest Honor MagicWatch Bundle

Get the Latest Honor MagicWatch Bundle

Every school year is an exciting time to learn new things, meet new teachers and friends. Learning doesn’t need to be boring; it should be fun and memorable for every student. Whether you’re attending school or homeschooled for this school year, you deserve both worlds’ best.

Are you looking for a new techy wearable to accessorize your school outfit for this new school year 2020? Don’t look further because Honor has got it all for you. Honor just launched its UK Honor Back To School exclusive deals and promo just for you.

Honor Wearables Bundles

Honor MagicWatch 2 (46mm)

Show your techy and sleek side with this Honor MagicWatch 2 Bundle that comes with a stylish Honor fit strap of your choice, Honor Bluetooth earphone, and an Honor Router 3. All of these just for £129.99 that’s also redeemable with a £10 voucher that you can use to save up and get more than what you deserve the most.

This bundle lets you enjoy an active lifestyle while balancing school life. This MagicWatch boasts over 100 workout modes for you to choose from. No more couch potato mode this school year, it’s all about fun and pure energy school year to venture on this 2020. Whether you feel like running, playing with a sport, or just doing a HIIT workout after school, everything’s made possible with this all-new MagicWatch 2.

Honor MagicWatch 2 (42mm)

Are you in search of a smaller watch face plus a smaller priced watch to wear? Instead, you can opt for this Honor MagicWatch 2 that can also be redeemable with a £10 voucher that lets you only pay for £109.99. The original price without the voucher is only £119.99. This great bundle comes with a free Honor Fit Strap of your choice, and Honor sports Bluetooth earphone, and an Honor Router 3.

This awesome steal is affordable among the rest without compromising its superb quality. While working out with friends and family or just by yourself, you can enjoy listening to your go-to workout playlist while shedding those fats. The Honor Bluetooth earphones boast a top-notch sound quality and durable make that can last you for a long time.

Bonus! Honor Magic Earbuds – Music In. World Out.

For music aficionados out there, here’s a great deal perfect for you to unwind after school. For only £89.99, you’ll get more with an Honor Magic Earbuds and Honor Router 3. You can pick a cute earbuds color of egg blue or pearl white. These earbuds will change the way you listen to music because of its state of the art features like hybrid active noise-canceling technology, adaptive triple microphones for noise-free calls and intuitive touch controls. With a price this affordable and quality that sets apart from the rest, you’re sure to be ready for this school season.

Step up your accessory game, and don’t miss out on these great deals for this school year 2020!


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