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Maintaining Your Bounce House: Keeping It Clean

Maintaining Your Bounce House: Keeping It Clean

Having their own Kuoye Inflatables bounce house is every child’s dream. Friends would love to come over and play with them. You will be the best parents in the world not only on your child’s eyes but also to their friends. A bounce house comes in smaller versions now, which means you can have one permanently in your yard for a much cheaper price. All you have to do is make sure it lasts longer with proper maintenance. The first step to maintaining your bounce house is to make sure that it is always clean.

Setting up for cleaning

Your inflatable bounce house will be easier to clean if it is inflated. Set aside any removable components like netting, rails, or steps. You can clean those separately. Take the time to inspect for spots that may need some repair so that you can deal with them immediately like rips, scuffs, tears, and other physical damages.

Dealing with dust and loose dirt

One of the best ways to clean a bounce house is to use a vacuum. This can easily deal with loose dirt, sand, or soil that gets in. This is very important not only for cleanliness but also for safety since they can get into your child’s eyes.

Dealing with dirt spots

Bounce House Cleaning

Sometimes, your bounce house will have stubborn dirt spots that the vacuum cannot deal with. You have to deal with these dirt spots before it can turn into a stain. You will have to use a soft brush and scrub them off gently with soapy water.

Dealing with germs and bacteria

You need to sanitize your bounce house from time to time. There are a lot of sanitizing products on the market that are specially made for inflatables and gym mats. You have to make sure that these products are safe for your bounce house. You can ask the manufacturer for recommendations or test the sanitizer first in a small area. Make sure you spray the sanitizer on the whole area, especially the corners.

Maintenance tips to keep in mind

Dry completely

Every time you are done washing or sanitizing the bounce house, always remembers to dry it completely. Especially if you plan to deflate it and store it away. If you store the bounce house while it is still damp, molds and mildew can grow. Also, it will cause unpleasant smells for the next time that you use it. If you do not have the time to wait for the bounce house to air dry, you can always use a leaf blower to accelerate the drying process.

Clean frequently

It is recommended that you have a regular schedule to clean your bounce house. If possible, clean it right after your child has friends over. The more kids playing in it, the more possible the bounce house is accumulating dirt.

Shoes off, empty pockets

Before letting kids in the bounce house, make sure that they take off their shoes so that they will not track in dirt. For safety reasons, you should also make a rule to ask everyone to empty their pockets. Keep a container beside the bounce house where they can leave their stuff before going in to play.


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