Home Lifestyle What are the elements of magnetic phone cases?

What are the elements of magnetic phone cases?

What are the elements of magnetic phone cases?

Ever since they got established, smartphones have become a crucial part of life. Smartphones have infiltrated almost all aspects of life. They are used for shopping, communication, socializing, information hunting, banking, marketing, and several other crucial roles. However, losing a smartphone to breakage or theft is a tragedy that most people work hard to avoid. But, to keep phones secure, passwords and tracking devices were invented. On the other hand, to keep the phones safe from damages caused by falling, the likes of broken screens and others, phone cases were developed. Phone cases, including magnetic phone cases and cell phone belt holders. The vital accessories feature several desirable elements that will be discussed in this article. 

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  • Charging features

Most magnetic phone cases and cell phone belt holders feature a charging element. Some of the most sophisticated brands come with a wireless charging feature. This is most prevalent in magnetic iPhone cases or holders. Notwithstanding their high cost, most users go for phone cases with this feature as they are more convenient compared to the latter.

  • Slim design

Some people prefer small phones over more substantial models. It would, therefore, make no sense to have a slim designed phone and a thick phone case. This is the main reason as to why most users prefer slim phone cases. Another reason as to why slim phone cases and holders are famous is that they are more convenient and less heavy to carry around. A thin phone case or cell phone holder also helps the user maintain a firm grip on the phone at any time. For some reason, slim profiled phone cases, whether magnetic or non-magnetic, appear more sophisticated than the rest. 

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  • Shock absorption

One of the most desirable features of phone cases is the shock absorption feature. The feature allows the phone to remain secure and protected against falls and other modes of damage involving force. Many are times when phone cases, both magnetic and non-magnetic, with sock absorbers feature anti-drop features as well. While such products may be more costly than their counterparts, it is safe to say that they offer outstanding protection hence are more convenient. 

  • Other special features

Other features to look out for in magnetic phone cases and different types of phone cases include anti-scratch elements. The anti-scratch function offers phone protection against screen damage. Another desirable feature found mostly in magnetic iPhone cases and holders is the anti-dirt feature. The anti-dirt feature helps to protect the phone from debris, which may cause damages of varying extends. 

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Bottom Line

There have been multiple rumors going around, claiming that magnetic phone cases and cell phone holders are prone to damaging phones. The claims are that the magnetic elements can damage the hard drive of the phones. However, this is nothing but a myth. There are very few cases where magnetism negatively affects the compass feature on phones, especially iPhones. However, this effect can be reversed by removing the case from the device temporarily, and there is no permanent damage involved. 


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