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Breakups and break up quotes

Breakups and break up quotes

It has been said that love makes the world go around. Human beings make several decisions based on love. Most human being interactions are also mainly governed by the presence of a lack of love. While falling in love may be a blessing, and many are times glorious, most of the time, it does not last. Several movies have been made of people falling out of love, break up novels are also common.

The number of people falling out of love and breaking up not for lack of love sadly is a lot. Like Failing in love is prevalent, heartbreaks, falling out of love, and breakups are common as well. When people break up or fall out of love, they mostly turn to break up quotes as a form of expression. 

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Why do people break up?

1. Falling out of love

More than often, people break up because of a lack of love. This does not necessarily mean that they did not have love going into the relationship. Relationships that end because the couple fell out of love are the most difficult to let go. The reason is that there are no hard feelings or hatred involved. This makes it hard for the parties to explain the break up to one another and the world. It becomes even harder when only one of the parties falls out of love. This happens to be the most common reason why couples break up. 

2. Differences in attributes and characters

There are several kinds of differences that can drive couples to a break-up. Such variations can lie in the company that the couples keep. They take in different scenarios and how they generally view the world. When couples do not have the same goals in life, hang out with different people, and enjoy different things, they tend to grow apart. Having similar characters, goals, and ambitions helps bring couples together, build the relationship, and make them closer. This is one of the most common reasons for breakups. 

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3. Infidelity and mistrust

Cheating and infidelity are widespread in relationships. While several couples break up because of infidelity, it is not among the top reasons why people break up. While most couples work through the issue of cheating, it is known to create a pattern of mistrust. Some couples who forgive infidelity may end up breaking up because of the suspicion and paranoia that results.

While the percentage may be low, some couples do not get past it. Mistrust can also lead to lies within the relationship. The lies do not have to be related to infidelity. In a relationship, even a falsification about your whereabouts can result in mistrust. 

break up quotes

Bottom Line

Break up quotes are almost as popular as romantic quotes. Couples use breakup posts to announce their split from partners. This is common among couples that have publicized relationships. To other people, break up quotes can be a form of expression and a step towards healing for the parties involved. 


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