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How to Avoid a Ban When Shopping Online for FIFA Coins?

How to Avoid a Ban When Shopping Online for FIFA Coins?

If you have experience shopping for virtual currency such as fut coins, then you know how risky it can be, especially when shopping from a third-party site. The thing is EA Sports have strict legislation about buying or promoting the buying of gaming coins. And if you want to avoid getting a ban that could last a while, you should stick to the rules.

It can be a slow process to obtain extra coins and points from EA directly, which is why most gamers turn to these third-party sellers in the first place. But not all of them are a complete waste of your time and resources. And if you stick till the end of the piece, you may learn why shopping here for fut coins may be the best way to avoid a ban. 

Secure Method of delivery 

FIFA Coins shopping

When shopping for FIFA coins or any other, for that matter, you want to ensure that the delivery method is secure. You would have to look for any notes about how you receive the coins. In most cases, it gets delivered to your email or account dashboard where you get to transfer it. A trusted coin retailer should have all that information on the website, so you want to look out for it.  

Shop from a Reputable Retailer 

One of the best ways to avoid a FIFA coin ban is to shop from a trusted retailer. You should begin your search by asking around for any referrals. You can ask your gaming friends or do your research online. But just in case you need help, you can try by checking out the guys at igvault.  

An excellent place to check a company’s reputation is in the review section. Here you get to read up on the first-hand experience of others who have used their service in the past. And if they are any good, there should be some lovely things written about them. 

Rate the Customer Service and Coin Prices 

Before you go jumping at a cheap coin offer, you want to take your time to rate the prices with others and check out the customer service as well. While most of the costs of these coins get changed according to the market price, you want to check out the official rate on the EA store before you buy fut coins anywhere. 

It is common to get unrealistic offers that later turn out to be a scam. You buy the coins, and they don’t get delivered, or worse, you get a ban. So to save yourself the stress of losing money or points, you should take this one seriously. 

Payment Method and Refund Policy 

FIFA Coins shopping

These two things can help protect you from a potential ban when shopping for a gaming coin. The first thing to check is for a variety of payment methods, as this affords you the liberty to choose the one that suits you. And also, do well to read up on the refund policy should in case you don’t get the coins, so that you can ensure that you won’t lose out on your investment.


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