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Common Mistakes Made During a Hot Tub Purchase

Common Mistakes Made During a Hot Tub Purchase

At times we are filled with the joy of having a hot tub; we forget the basic but essential elements such as model. Cash removal is usually quick, eyeing the end result, which is a huge mistake most people make. Getting the right tub from a hot tub and spa manufacturer ensures you enjoy your experience while buying the wrong one causes frustrations and buyers dissatisfaction. In this post, we talk about hot tub buying mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Hot Tub

Avoiding these mistakes will help you purchase a good, functional, and practical tub. You will also save money and get something that’s high quality and efficient. They are;

1. Focusing on the Purchase Price Only

First time buyers tend to focus on the initial or set price of the hot tub, ensuring it fits within their budget and forgetting long-term costs. As much as the purchase price is essential, consider the cost of running the tub, maintenance costs, and installation costs. The amount you will pay for installation in most cases includes the delivery, accessories, chemicals needed, a concrete slab or deck to place it, and the electrical wiring involved, permits, and water connection. It’s advisable to have all these costs factored into your budget to avoid unwanted charges.

2. Not Considering the Location of the Hot Tub

Before buying the tub, identify the area you want to place it or seek advice from a professional on the ideal spot, measure it and use that information to look for a tab. Hot tubs come in varying models and sizes, and most people set out to purchase one without considering whether it will fit. Check out only those that match the size needed, then pick the best.

3. Failure to Check the Insulation

Checking the inside of the tub is as essential as the outside. The hot tub must have proper insulation for energy efficiency and give extra room for plumbing. The ideal insulation consists of various polyurethane foams having different weights and densities layered together for efficiency.

4. Focusing on the Jet Count

The number of jets in a tub can mislead you into think that the more they are, the better. The quality of the jets is more critical than the quantity. The rate of flow in the jet varies from each other and the sizes too. A tub can have many jets but of poor quality. Another can have fewer jets of different varieties, giving varying massages, and are strategically placed to give the best experience.

5. Not Trying it Before Buying

This applies mainly when purchasing hot tubs online without physically seeing or trying them. Even in a showroom, seeing it isn’t enough. Ask the seller to test it for you to see how it functions and if it fits your purpose. Wet test to have a feel of the water on your body and the capacity of the tub.


Owning a hot tub is very exciting, considering you can use it in the comfort of your home. However, buying the wrong one can be a complete turnoff, knowing how much you’ve spent for it not to match your needs. Be keen when buying and look out for the specs of the tub before leaving the shop.


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