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When Should You Clean Your CPAP Equipment?

When Should You Clean Your CPAP Equipment?

You may have been wondering how the cleaning of your CPAP should be carried out and when. Please visit https://clyncare.com/products/CPAP-cleaner-cz001 for all CPAP cleaning information. You are advised to always go through the user guide on your CPAP for specific details on the product.

What is CPAP?

CPAP stands for continuous airway positive pressure. The use of this device is usually prescribed when a person is struggling with sleep apnea disorder.

Apnea disorder is a condition where the person repeatedly stops and starts breathing mid-sleep. This condition usually occurs when your throat muscles relax. It may lead to snoring and waking up tired.

The CPAP machine is used to supply oxygen at a steady rate into your mouth and nose while you sleep. This helps you keep your airways open and you get a pleasant rest.

Now that you know what the CPAP machine is and what its primary goal is, how do you maintain this machine and the parts that make it complete?

When should you clean your CPAP machine?

For those who are using the CPAP machine for the first time, it might be a bit confusing and even stressful to follow, but you should. It is for your good.

Daily Cleaning

The cleaning of your CPAP should be done as regularly as possible. Since it is something that deals with your breath and has direct contact with the air entering your body, the cleaning should be regular.

 You can start by cleaning the CPAP mask cushion. Over time, the skin produces some oils that can dampen the effectiveness and performance of the seal and mask.

That is why you should clean your mask immediately after wearing it. Cleaning it that time is to remove the oil that may be on the surface of the mask seal.

You can clean your CPAP by washing it. It is best to wash your CPAP each morning so that you have a dry and clean CPAP ready for the next night.

All you need is warm water and mild soap. Wash it by rubbing it gently with your hand. You should make sure that the cleaning agent you use is not harsh.

A harsh cleaning product might damage the mask or even leave a harmful residue that may affect your skin.

Your CPAP machine water tub or humidifier should be washed with mild detergent and water too. It should be rinsed and allowed to dry.

Monthly Cleaning

You should check for wear and tear. The mask cushion or pillow is not resistant to wear and tear. It is that is bound to happen to objects that are used regularly.

Wear and tear also affect the humidifier. So, check your humidifier each month for any signs of deterioration.

Make sure there are no cracked, pitted, or cloudy spots. If there are any, the humidifier should be replaced immediately.


Cleaning your CPAP is important. You should clean and check for wear and tear to avoid unexpected problems.

There should be a continuous check for wear and tear on your tubing or humidifier. You check for leaks around the cuff. If there is any tear found, the tubing should be replaced.


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