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Tips to help you design topnotch custom diamond painting

Tips to help you design topnotch custom diamond painting

Custom diamond painting is the trending craft right now, and it is quite easy to see why it takes such a title. Many people invest their time and resources in certain hobbies just for the fun of it; custom diamond painting belongs to such a category of hobbies. If you’re the type that likes to keep your brain active in between work, you should try this craft.

You might be familiar with the whole painting process that involves the use of colors on a canvas; the conventional painting procedure. Custom diamond painting is a bit different from conventional painting. Custom diamond painting involves the painting of existing pictures with the use of diamonds. There’s a need to get the process right so as to get the desired results. This article looks at useful tips to help you design a proper custom diamond painting.

Use a plain and flat surface

You mustn’t place your canvas on just any surface in sight! The surface on which you place your canvas should not make the canvas slant in any way. Asides the fact that a table offers you uniformity, it also gives you the much-needed comfort while you paint. Often, it is preferable to make use of your study table where you’d be comfortably seated. If you cannot get a study table, you could always improvise by using any surface that is flat enough.

Use two flats objects to flatten your canvas

It’s not out of place to have a curly or wrinkled canvas due to its placement in stores. However, it would be best if you straightened your canvas before you get down to working on it. An excellent way to straighten your canvas is by placing it between two flat objects for a while. Most people use two thick books for this purpose and eventually leave the canvas between both books for about one hour.

Use a multiple diamond picking tool

It’s quite stressful to have yourself pick up the diamonds one at a time; you might eventually be unable to complete the project. Certain custom diamond painting projects require thousands of diamond pieces due to their peculiarities. Certain picking tools are built to pick multiple diamond pieces at once.

Ensure that you remove the sheets in bits

You cannot afford mistakes while at the verge of completing your custom diamond painting project. While you might be in haste to get the job over with, you should exercise caution while removing the sheets. An efficient way of extracting the sheet is by removing a few centimetres at a time. By going about the removal this way, you can be assured of not having any damage to your custom diamond painting work.

Final thought

Many people are starting to like the idea of showing their creativity via the use of diamonds on canvas. This new craft is one that requires the utmost attention to detail to ensure success. This article helps you with useful tips on your way to producing a superb diamond painting work.


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