Home Lifestyle The Good parts of Fingerprint Padlocks and how they help security

The Good parts of Fingerprint Padlocks and how they help security

The Good parts of Fingerprint Padlocks and how they help security

In the world today, there is a sad increase rate in insecurity in several neighborhoods. Often, a lot of people are scared to leave their homes because of the kind of things they may encounter on the outside. Even in the home, there is no certainty that you may even be safe. It is very sad.

A lot of people are often told to secure their house with good padlocks. However, these kinds of padlocks that are being sold in the market today are often not the best and could eventually add more risk to your home.

As a homeowner, you may be confused on the next step to take when it comes to securing your home, we completely understand you that’s why there is one best padlock that you need to make your homes and properties secure.

What is Whatslock Fingerprint Padlock?

Whatslock Padlock is one of the best padlocks you can get in the marketplace. It comes with a Zinc metal lock body that helps in providing superior resistance. It helps you provide safety and convenience in your homes.

The Whatslock Fingerprint padlocks provide you with a new generation technology known as the Edge Fingerprint technology which comes with a scanner for biometric identity recognition. This technology helps you unlock your padlock with just a simple fingerprint touch in the shortest time.

Features of the Whatslock Fingerprint Padlock.

The coolest feature of this Whatslock fingerprint padlock is that is can store up to 10 different fingerprints. So, if you live in a house where there are a lot of people, this could be the perfect option for you. You can share the fingerprint with the members of your household.

This is a device that does not require any effort when it comes to performance and usage. It does not require an app, any key, or Bluetooth. It is a seamless device that gives you the best results whenever you need it.

Most people love using this padlock because of its incredibly long battery life. This padlock is built with a 200mAh battery that uses a USB charge.

Once it is on a full charge, it can be used for up to 10,000 times. Another cool feature that after the low battery reminder comes on, you can still use this padlock for up to 30 times before it shuts down completely.

It is completely waterproof. With all these advanced tech features you should not be afraid that it is going to be damaged by bad weather. It can be used on a lot of outdoor occasions without the fear of getting damaged or rusted.

The Whatslock Padlock is the best padlock you can get in the marketplace if you are looking for security and convenience.  


IN the marketplaces, it has become a hassle to get a good padlock that will guarantee the safety of your homes, offices, or properties. Thankfully, with this new innovative features, all you need to do is register your fingerprint and allow it to work.


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