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Discover Different Types Of Monitor Mounts

Discover Different Types Of Monitor Mounts

Is working from your computer a pain in the neck? You do not have to work through the discomfort anymore; the ATUMTEK monitor mount will sort that out for you. There is always a specific monitor mounting stand made for any computer monitors out there. In this article, we are going to discuss different kinds of monitor mounts available in the market. But before you step out and end on a monitor mount search, check and confirm the mounting interface, also referred to as VESA, at the back of your screen. This heads up ensures the mounting stand you purchase gets compatible with your screen.

1. Monitor adjustable mount stand

This particular model incorporates both an elegant design with ergonomic needs to create a fun and easy to use mount. It provides options of three different adjustable heights, helping you find the best height for your monitor.

 That’s not all; the mount top is made of Aluminum with small holes to allow for good airflow to cool your monitor. The raised design leaves small storage space underneath, which is ideal for placing your keyboards and mouse. It is easy to assemble; you do not need any tools, and it takes less than three minutes to set it up.

A three-year warranty and a thirty-day money-back guarantee if, and this is highly unlikely, you do not like your purchase. If you have a small working space, this is the monitor mount just for you.

2. Wall mount

As the name suggests, you place the wall mount on a wall and bolt it in place, so it doesn’t take up any surface space. Main features include a wide tilt and swivel angle to minimize glare from the screen for better viewing. Secondly, it can support over thirty kilograms and is compatible with most TV and monitor screen sizes between 23″ and 55″. The mount saves a lot of space, and because it is installed behind your screen, it makes an elegant finish.

3. Dual monitor arm

For this mount’s design, ergonomics took center stage. Thus, to guarantee your comfort, the arms give you the freedom to adjust the height for the best view. This particular model will hold up two monitors for you while taking up one monitor’s space on the desk, which saves on space. Lastly, the design is strong and does not wobble.

4. Single monitor arm

The single-monitor arm can hold up to 20 pounds in weight. It offers you better space management by taking the monitor off its space-consuming base. It comes with a three-year warranty, which is a strong indicator that the product is durable and reliable. Clamps hold the monitor in place while you are working.

5. Universal monitor stand

It will take you just 15 minutes to set up the Universal monitor stand. As the name suggests, the mount is compatible with all VESA patterns. For extra support, the stand’s base is made of tempered glass with base supports and anti-slip installations to keep the monitor in place.

In conclusion

The solution to your back and neck pain is not at the doctor’s office; it’s purchasing a quality monitor mount. From the different kinds of monitor mounts, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Give yourself the comfort to work hard and put in those extra hours without torturing your body.


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