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Why Silicone Containers Items Are a Better Alternative to Plastic

Why Silicone Containers Items Are a Better Alternative to Plastic

Silicone containers are slowly but surely taking over traditional plastic containers. The former is safer and fares much better under extreme temperature fluctuations than plastic. You can get all your silicone packaging needs from your nearest silicone household items manufacturer. There are numerous reasons why silicones make better containers than plastics.

For example, plastic doesn’t decompose easily. It is also known to contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. But, silicone has no notable form of toxicity.

Here’s why you should get into the plastic alternative, silicone.

1. Extreme temperature

  • High temperatures

Silicone can withstand high temperatures better than plastic. It has low thermal conductivity; it absorbs and transfers heat much more slowly than plastic. This makes it excellently heat resistant. If you had been worried about damaging your containers while warming food in the microwave, you don’t have to worry any longer. The solution is silicone.

Moreover, silicone is not impacted by the heat in dishwashing machines.

Silicone does not also release BPA, harmful toxins emitted to food by plastics when subjected to high temperatures.

  • Low temperatures

Silicone packaging can also withstand icy conditions like freezing. Due to extreme contraction during freezing, plastic may sometimes crack, which wouldn’t occur in silicone’s case.

2. Durability

Plastics break easily on impact while silicones don’t. The latter’s flexibility enables it to withstand high pressure; even if you’re worried about kids vs. kitchenware breakages, your safe with silicone products.

3. Odorless

Plastic containers tend to have a particular smell that becomes pronounced once they contact hot food. The odor may not affect the taste of the food, but it certainly isn’t pleasant. Good news; the right silicone container won’t release any scent.

4. Stain-resistant

Plastic containers tend to have a buildup of stains from food after a while. I’m sure we have all seen a discolored plastic food container before. Well, with silicone, such troubles are kept at bay. You don’t have to stress over silicone packaging, absorbing any leftover discoloration from foods over time.

5. Better aesthetic appeal

Plastic containers typically feature a colored lid and a colorless body. On the other hand, silicone storage bags come in a variety of colors and are equally see-through. The colors could brighten an otherwise dull kitchen.

6. Watertight

If you store a liquid substance in a silicone container, chances of leakage are almost none. Silicone forms better watertight seals than plastic once the lids are well tightened.

7. Convenient storage

Silicon food bags can be stored conveniently owing to their design. Their airtight feature prevents food spillage and allows upright storage should space be tight. When they’re clean and unoccupied, you can fold them to maximize space.

Plastic, contrastingly, takes up only one shape and is not airtight in most cases.

8. The greener option

Silicone is regarded as the greener option, meaning it does not release harmful toxins to the environment. When burned, it reverts to its no-risk compounds; carbon dioxide, amorphous silica, and water.

Plastics release harmful toxins when burned or when they come into contact with hot substances.

Final Thoughts

Silicone containers are healthier and more sustainable than plastics. You can also rest easy knowing the freezing temperatures or the microwave won’t make your container budge. You also have the option of storing your greens in a color-matching bag.


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