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Tips On How to Stay Warm When Skiing

Tips On How to Stay Warm When Skiing

It is important to stay warm when skiing. To have a good day on the ice, one should wear warm clothes, mostly on the core, legs, and arms. Boots make sure the legs are warm and cozy while warm layers of clothes cover the core and head. Lastly, soft glove liners keep your hands warm with additional warmth from skiing gloves worn on top of glove liners.

It is important to note the temperature when skiing for proper dressing. Also, make sure that all gear and clothes fit well. In this article, we are going to look at a few tips to keep warm when skiing.

1. Dress up in layers

The most effective way to stay warm when skiing is to layer up. There is no room to dress skimpily when skiing. Good quality skiing clothes are costly but crucial. It is essential to have the following layers of clothes to protect from the cold when skiing.

a. Baselayer

The base layer is essential as it absorbs sweat from the body. The best skiing brands include Smartwool, Under Armour, and Patagonia, but you need to avoid cotton for skiing.

b. Middle layer

This layer can be weighty as compared to the base layer. The middle layer is flexible and lightweight. Thus, this mid-layer is what provides a barrier from the cold while keeping warmth close to your body.

c. Socks and gloves

It is important to keep hands and feet warm when skiing. Finding the best gear protects your hands and feet from frostbite. Smart wool, Darn Tough, Gordini, and Marmot offer some of the best gear for hands and feet.

2. Keep your ears warm

Wearing a helmet and a light and comfortable headband prevents the wind from getting through small openings to the ears, causing cold. Hats made of wool and lined with fleece are also good ideas for double insulation—the best gear to keep ears warm when skiing is costly but important.

3. Cover all bare skin

After layering up to keep warm when skiing, it is important to make sure there are no gaps in your outfit. Skiing involves moving fast downhill; any gaps in clothing will lead to fast heat loss. Threfore, use a mirror to check for gaps in skiing clothes.

4. Pack hot food

It is important to maintain core temperatures when skiing. Taking warm foods and beverages will keep the core temperature up when skiing. Constant activity, such as swinging the arms, will also get the blood pumping and keep the core temperatures up.

5. Stay dry

It is a good idea to stay away from anything that could get you wet. If clothes get wet, try drying them as soon as possible to keep warm when skiing in subzero temperatures.

6. Go for down insulated clothes

Down is lightweight and keeps heat trapped better than any other material in the market. To keep children warm when skiing, dress them in down insulated clothes as it’s light enough for their small frames.


Skiing is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. It is important to stay warm when skiing. Keeping dry., dressing warmly, taking warm foods, covering any bare skin, and investing in high-quality skiing clothes and gear are some of the ways to keep warm and enjoy a fun-packed day skiing.


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