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Lolita Style Fashion – Doll Like Vintage Dress Review

Lolita Style Fashion – Doll Like Vintage Dress Review
Doll Like Vintage Dress

 Lolita style fashion vintage dresses pertain to popular cute fashion dresses from Japan inspired by the late baroque period. One of the distinct features of this line of fashion is its voluminous skirt with structured petticoat underneath it. This skirt is often paired with Victorian style long or short sleeved blouse which fully emphasize the elegance and level of detail that comes along with Lolita style fashion dresses.

Classical puppets *The dolly girl version Ⅰ* lolita op dress is one of the vintage version of Lolita style fashion dresses that you should try. Doll like Lolita style fashion have huge following to this day because of its elegant and cute finish. In fact, it is one of the most preferred dresses by people who love anime or to cosplay.


Materials: Combination of satin jacquard and chiffon crepe

Package Inclusion: One-piece dress and a bonnet

Color: Pale pink, Beige, Gray

Weight: 1.8 kg


  • One of the redeeming features of this product is it’s easy to wear. Because this dress is just one piece you can easily wear it and get it off without any hassle. Unlike other Lolita dresses, Classical puppets *The dolly girl version Ⅰ* lolita op already has a built-in petticoat underneath it so you don’t have to wear a separate one.
  • Since the product comes with a bonnet you don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate head dress that will go well with your outfit.
  • The design and size of this product is not only ideal for petite women, but is also suitable for children or pre-teens who are looking for a great dress for cosplay or for school activity where they need a cute looking elegant and fashionable costume.
  • The fabrics used to create this dress such as chiffon crepe and satin jacquards are most soft to the skin so you can wear them comfortably and they don’t easily wrinkle.
  • Unlike long dress version of Lolita dresses, the Classical puppets *The dolly girl version Ⅰ* lolita op is short, which allows you to wear them comfortably even in moderately hot environment.


  • The dress can be quite heavy at 1.8 kg. Though this dress uses soft fabrics, it utilizes numerous layers of fabric which makes it heavier than your average dress. This problem is not only particular to this dress, but to almost all Lolita dresses.
  • Maintaining and cleaning Lolita dress can be quite expensive. To ensure that you preserve the dress in its best condition and form, it is highly recommended to utilize professional dry clean services which can be quite expensive.
  • Chiffon fabric tends to stain easily so you have to be careful not to spill anything on your dress.
  • The satin jacquard part of the dress can easily snag or tear when it comes in contact with rough surface.


Overall the Classical puppets *The dolly girl version Ⅰ* lolita op is an ideal dress for people who want a hassle-free, cute and easy to wear Lolita style fashion vintage dress. You just have to make sure that you follow proper care procedure of the dress so you can enjoy your investment for a long time.


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