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Trendy gothic cosplay costumes

Trendy gothic cosplay costumes
gothic cosplay

With cosplay becoming more and more popular all over the world, young people today are looking to change their fashion styles and indulge into being more unique as mainstream fashion has little new styles to offer since it rarely experiments with materials and colors. For those who are keen on darker fashion but still want a tad bit of elegance, gothic cosplay costumes including a gothic Lolita dress might as well be the right choice.

1. How to find an ideal gothic cosplay costume?

Finding that one piece of clothing for your gothic cosplay costume that will make you look more different in the crowd that is into the same fashion style as you are may be a great challenge even for those who are very fashion-conscious. Choosing the right gothic dress or a Victorian dress depends highly on what you are looking for in the first place – are you looking for a short dress, long dress, black one or red one?

gothic cosplay
gothic cosplay

If you are looking for typical goth clothing men’s fashion, then you might want to go with the rebel look like cowboy trousers or patterned pants. Military coats are great for rainy, spring nights to keep you warm as well as a dark, cotton hoodie and don’t forget to complement your style with leather bracelets and a necklace or too.

2. Gothic dress for parties

Colors of gothic dresses vary but mostly these include dark red, black and white combinations that can make you look attractive and elegant. Most of these dresses are decorated by bows and lace in order to reach that dark gothic fashion elegance.

A variety of different goth clothing brands offer pretty much the same as you can choose to get either a sleeveless dress or a dress with long sleeves. However, keep in mind that a sleeveless dress might be a better investment because you can always wear a cape on top of it to stay warm.

3. What makes a perfect gothic cosplay?

If you thought that investing in a goth dress would be enough to have an amazing gothic cosplay costume, you are very wrong, because a costume – pants, a shirt or a dress, might be the most important part of your look but you need to look for some accessories to make yourself look as much goth as possible when you are really into it.

In order to have a unique, gothic cosplay costume, you need to dedicate some time for choosing the right jewelry. It is not enough to choose a necklace with a skull pendant – be more creative – if you are a lady, take a look at those lace chocker necklaces that can make you look elegant and sophisticated. Make sure that you pay attention to the choice of earrings too as not to pick some that don’t go well with the dress.

On the other hand, a man can get by wearing a couple of dark leather bracelets as well as some silver necklaces with dark pendants.


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