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Four Common Types of Pillows You Need to Know

Four Common Types of Pillows You Need to Know

Pillows are essential in every household, especially in the bedroom. A good pillow will help you get rid of discomfort, which would otherwise result in health issues like back pain during sleep. A good pillow will also help you with the treatment of such issues. In addition to the comfort and health benefits, quality pillows like bamboo pillows¬†will also help you improve the aesthetics of your bedroom. Since we are on the topic of pillows, let’s look like some types of pillows.

Types of Pillows

Below are some of the most common types of pillows;

  • Bolster

Bolster pillows feature a half-circle shape. This means that one of the ends of the pillow is flat while the other one is rounded. This is not a common type of pillow in the household. Therefore, it is only used in special situations like in the wake of an injury. The pillow can be used by placing it under the knees on occasions when you want to sleep on your back. It can also work when sleeping on the side. When the pillow is used in between the knees, it can help alleviate issues the likes of the back, joint, knee, and hip pains, to mention a few.

  • Wedge

Wedge pillows are designed in such a way that they resemble a wedge or a cheese block. Thus, laying on this type of pillow results in an elevating effect on the shoulders and head as well as the neck. It is, therefore, not quite a suitable sleeping pillow but would work best for instances when you want to adopt a more upright position without compromising on your comfort. They are commonly used when reading or watching while in bed.

  • Contoured

Popularly known as orthopedic pillows, this type of pillow provides maximum support for muscles in different parts of the neck as well as the shoulders. It, therefore, reduced the amount of pressure and alleviated any form of strain to these parts of the body. This type of pillow features two slopes. One of the slopes is high, while the other one is a bit lower. Between the slopes is a shallow plateau. The plateau is the area where the headrests. You can also choose to sleep on either of the slopes. The design is meant to give you the chance to select which side is more comfortable and less straining for you.

  • Standard

In most houses, you will not find contoured, wedge, or bolster pillows. Instead, you will find your regular rectangular or oval pillows. These regular ones are referred to as standard pillows. Standard pillows are designed for sleeping purposes but can also be used in the same manner as wedge pillows. They are designed in basic sizes hence making them suitable for different bed-sizes.


Pillows can be categorized according to their function as well. For instance, wedge and neck pillows can be categorized as lumbar support products. Their physical design can also influence their classification. Like the contour pillow, which resembles an actual geographical contour. When choosing between the different types of pillows in the market, consider your health, size, design, the cost, and the purpose for which you will use the pillow.


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